BioReliance introduces new protein array platform

12 November 2008

BioReliance has introduced a new protein-array platform that offers greater sensitivity, reduced testing time and reliable results. The platform, brand-named ReliArray, can simultaneously screen for four non-human pathogens in animal serum.

“It is essential to researchers that they can depend on the results of serological screenings. These tests ensure that their research animals are healthy and will keep their research results uncompromised. Until ReliArray was developed, serological testing methodologies have had limited sensitivity and results could vary from sample to sample,” said John Kolman, PhD, Senior Director, Research and Development, BioReliance Corporation. “Not only does ReliArray allow faster turnaround, it also provides greater specificity, sensitivity and scalability.”

ReliArray offers specific screening targeted toward the most common non-human primate pathogens, including B-virus, simian retroviruses, simian immunodeficiency virus and simian T-cell lymphotropic/leukemia virus. Each protein array slide contains a collection of microscopic protein antigens arrayed onto the slide surface, enabling the simultaneous screening for antibodies against multiple pathogens. Array data are collected and quantified with BioReliance’s proprietary array analysis software.

“This new technology has many advantages not available with other screening methods. With ReliArray, we can offer our clients faster and more robust results,” said Darryl Goss, Vice President, Toxicology & Laboratory Animal Diagnostic Services Business Units. “We offer our clients exactly what they need and help them do their jobs faster and better by combining advanced technologies, such as ReliArray, with the most skilled sales and scientific personnel.”

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