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Fujitsu Services stores 100 millionth patient image in UK data centre
Fujitsu Services has recorded the milestone at its southern England data centre which was set up under the NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT). 19 Dec 2006

Software to help computer users avoid RSI
Desk Doctor is a new program that runs in the background on a computer and prompts the user to do preventative exercise when needed. 19 Dec 2006

Gamma camera detects small breast tumours
The new technique, called molecular breast imaging, can complement mammography but will be much more comfortable for women as less pressure is needed for imaging. 19 Dec 2006

Financing sustainable healthcare in Europe: how to get value for money
Leading healthcare, policy and finance experts have developed a range of recommendations to improve healthcare quality and financing in Europe. 18 December 2006. Español Francais Deutsch

Device to help patient control breathing during CT-guided biopsy
The device developed by Mayo Clinic will allow physicians to more rapidly and accurately diagnose patients, reducing the need for a more invasive surgical biopsy. 18 December 2006

Point-of-care diagnostics market to surpass $16bn worldwide by 2010.
The demand for reduced costs and decentralized diagnostic testing in the US is driving the market, according to research from Kalorama Information. 18 December 2006

Medtech companies need risk intelligence to survive and thrive
Medtech companies face demands from many quarters, including business, government, legal and medical. To manage all these needs, companies need risk intelligence, according to a new white paper from Deloitte & Touche LLP. 18 December 2006

Medical diagnostic tool for handheld devices and the web
18 December 2006

Cepheid wins $14.9m contract from US CDC for rapid detector of bird flu virus
Cepheid will develop a fully automated, self-contained test that will detect the common forms of flu virus (influenza A/B) and the H5N1 strain in about 30 minutes. 15 Dec 2006

CTS' Scottish plant achieves medical device manufacturing certification. 15 Dec 2006

A high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation systemFocused ultrasound used to treat atrial fibrillation
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are trialling high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation to correct the electrical signals controlling hearts suffering from atrial fibrillation. 15 Dec 2006

Philips launches RFID asset-tracking solution for hospitals
RFID tags can be attached to most moveable assets such as beds, monitors, wheelchairs and other portable devices. The location of each item can be tracked automatically, allowing better management and theft prevention. 14 Dec 2006

Olympus endoscope offers true HD video with Sony medical recorder
Olympus has ordered 150 HD medical recorders from Sony for its new endoscopic camera unit, which will allow it to offer the first end-to-end HD endoscopic workflow. 14 Dec 2006

The iHOP websiteNew online search tool to explore genes in medical literature
The iHOP service provides up-to-date summary information on more than 80,000 biological molecules by automatically extracting key sentences from millions of documents in academic journals. 14 Dec 2006

Agfa launches second phase of hospital digitization in central Tuscany
Agfa HealthCare has launched the second phase of the Tuscan Medical Technology (TMT) hospital digitization project, in which it will install its integrated radiology information system (RIS) in 12 hospitals of the central health region of Tuscany. 12 Dec 2006

Cardiac Science ships Atria 3100 electrocardiograph. 12 Dec 2006

German Future Award for inventor of ground-breaking STED microscope. 11 Dec 2006 Deutsch

Medtronic to spin-off external defibrillation business. 11 Dec 2006

Agfa wins PACS contract from private UK group Classic Hospitals. 11 Dec 2006

Xograph launches hospital air purification division. 11 Dec 2006

AngioDynamics to acquire RITA Medical for $220m. 11 Dec 2006

Huntleigh Technologies taken over by Getinge in £409m deal. 9 December 2006

Pre-hospital care in Lund, Sweden doubles survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest. 8 Dec 2006 Francais Deutsch Español

Milestone in imaging of Alzheimer’s disease
The University of Pittsburgh in collaboration with GE has started a study of the performance of flourine-18 labelled Pittsburgh Compound B (F-18 PiB) to identify amyloid deposits in subjects with a diagnosis of AD. 8 Dec 2006

NuGEN launches Ovation whole blood solution and RNA amplification system. 7 Dec 2006

Part of the Bioident nanotiter plateBIOIDENT unveils lab-on-a-chip prototype with integrated optical readout
BIOIDENT’s revolutionary PhotonicLab Platform enables cost-effective disposable lab-on-a-chip solutions that eliminate the need for expensive, bulky readout systems and provide immediate test results with significant cost savings. 7 Dec 2006

Advance Nanotech joins EC's FLUTEST avian flu project
Advance Nanotech joins a consortium of elite government labs in Europe, South Africa, and the USA to develop, evaluate and validate diagnostic tools to aid in the early detection of avian influenza. 7 Dec 2006

Aarhus hospital pioneers image-guided brachytherapy for gynaecological cancers. 6 Dec 2006

The Dräger Medical  Infinity TeleSmart patient monitorDräger introduces patient-worn monitor with wireless telemetry.
The Infinity TeleSmart from Dräger Medical provides the performance of a full-size patient monitor, packaged in a patient-worn telemetry device. 6 Dec 2006

Phone-based care programme reduces mortality in chronically ill older adults.
Chronically ill older adults who were regularly phoned by care workers had significantly reduced mortality risk, according to a new study. 5 Dec 2006

GE's new volume CT scanner reduces radiation exposure by 70%.
4 Dec 2006

Kodak and NDMA collaborate to support mammography screening in Europe. 4 Dec 2006

Elekta wins 30-year contract to equip new UK cancer centre. 1 Dec 2006

DMetrix, Inc. and Definiens AG sign partnership to develop automated digital pathology system. 1 Dec 2006

Video analysis software to improve colon exams
Software that captures videos of colon exams and analyses the quality of the exams has been developed by a team of researchers from Iowa State University. It should help doctors improve the colonoscopy procedure they use to look for cancer. 1 Dec 2006

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