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Dräger introduces patient-worn monitor with wireless telemetry

6 December 2006

London, UK. The Infinity TeleSmart from Dräger Medical provides the performance of a full-size patient monitor, packaged in a patient-worn telemetry device for adult and paediatric patients.

The Dräger Medical  Infinity TeleSmart patient monitorThe built-in colour display lets the user see view of all monitored ECG leads, heart rate, and pulse oximetry while at the patient’s side. Because the system offers alarm volume controls, alarms can be heard in the patient’s vicinity, and alarms can be paused without having to go to the central monitoring station.

Based on industry-standard WiFi technology, Infinity TeleSmart provides continuous monitoring — even if the patient inadvertently wanders out of the network coverage area. Two-way communication between Infinity TeleSmart and the Infinity CentralStation facilitates wireless data exchange and signal integrity.

The system enhances patient care management by providing fast data access, rapid assessment, decision support and clinical reporting. Finally, because the system supports Infinity OneNet, hospitals can use their existing WiFi access points for both telemetry and patient monitoring.

More information: Draeger Medical company profile

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