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Broadband for elderly and disabled could generate billions for economy and cut care costs
A report by the US New Millennium Research Council shows that accelerated broadband deployment to older Americans and people with disabilities could deliver hundreds of billions of dollars to the economy in potential health care savings and other major benefits. 21 December 2005

Liver tumours treated effectively by MR-guided laser ablation
Destruction of cancerous liver tissue by laser light guided by magnetic resonance (MR) imaging was found to be as effective as traditional surgery in a Germany study. 20 December 2005

Fluid chip for manufacturing the glucose FDGMolecular factory on a chip manufactures disease markers for medical imaging
Researchers have built a programmable chip consisting of tiny fluid channels, chambers and switches that can manufacture designer chemicals for highlighting diseased cells for PET imaging. 20 December 2005

Tactile sensing device for documenting clinical breast exams
Medical Tactile, Inc. (MTI) has announced the start of commercial sales of its first product, the SureTouch Visual Mapping System. 19 December 2005

UK could double patients receiving implantable defibrillators
New national guidance on the use of implantable-cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) could result in a doubling of patients eligible for implants. However, a heart charity thinks more patients should qualify. 19 December 2005

Protozoan power for nano-scale devices
A single-celled animal first observed 300 years ago could hold the key to powering tiny medical devices. Researchers have come a step closer to understanding how a powerful microscopic spring in the protozoan Vorticella convallaria works. 18 December 2005

Nano-scale medical devices could be wired with unravelled DNA strands
Ohio State University researchers have uncoiled DNA strands and formed them into precise patterns. They could act as wires in biologically based nano-scale electronic and medical devices. 18 December 2005

Europe needs major investment in medical applications of nanotechnology
The European Science Foundation (ESF) has called for a clear strategy and investment plan to ensure Europe does not miss out on the benefits of nanomedicine. 18 December 2005

La Fondation européenne pour la science prévient que, sans investissements majeurs, nous perdrons les avantages offerts par la nanomédecine. 19 Decembre 2005

La Fundación Europea de la Ciencia advierte que los beneficios de la nanociencia se perderán sin inversiones importantes. 19 Diciembre 2005

European Science Foundation warnt davor, dass der Nutzen der Nanomedizin ohne grössere Investitionen verloren geht. 19 Dezember 2005

More resources needed to study dangers of nanotechnology
A new inventory of research into the environmental, health, and safety aspects of nanotechnology shows the need for more resources, for a coherent risk-related research strategy, and for more collaboration. 18 December 2005

Patient wristband with RFID chip wins award
New York's Jacobi Medical Center and Siemens Business Services have received recognition for their patient wristband system in the US "Chime Collaboration Competition". 14 December 2005

Digital radiography road show to tour Scotland
Xograph Imaging Systems is to launched a series road-shows starting in Scotland in the New Year to demonstrate the key benefits of ‘going digital’ to radiology departments. 14 December 2005

Disaster recovery for medical images
i3ARCHIVE, Inc. has extended the capabilities of its GRID-based medical imaging architecture known as the National Digital Medical Archive for business continuity and disaster recovery for picture archive and communications systems (PACS). 13 December 2005

Chinese breast cancer program selects iCAD computer-aided detection system. 12 December 2005

England's cancer research network chooses Medidata data-management system for clinical trials
The National Cancer Research Network (NCRN) has selected Medidata Solutions' Rave software to manage data for initially eight and up to 250 clinical trials. 12 December 2005

Tomosynthesis image of breastMore sensitive imaging system for detecting breast cancer
Trials conducted at Duke University with several mastectomy and patient cases suggest that the new tomosynthesis system is able to detect subtle mass lesions otherwise difficult to pick up with standard mammography.
12 December 2005

Digital tool for planning orthopaedic surgery from medical images
Imagecast PACS for Orthopedics is a digital solution from IDX that offers orthopaedic surgeons software-based tools for orthopaedic image review, analysis and preoperative planning. 10 December 2005

Schering and Philips to develop laser imaging technology for cancer treatment
Optical imaging is an emerging imaging technology with the potential to offer new approaches in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer as well as other diseases. 9 December 2005

Suros breast biopsy system gains EC approval
Suros Surgical Systems has received European approval for its ATEC breast biopsy and excision system and ATEC TriMark biopsy site identification system. 9 December 2005

Molecular imaging revolutionised by Dynamic SPECT breakthrough
Details of a new medical imaging device that increases the speed of molecular imaging more than 10-fold was revealed at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America last week. It gives the promise of revolutionizing the fields of cardiac and oncology imaging. 7 December 2005

SonoSite's hand-carried ultrasound passes 25,000 systems worldwide. 7 December 2005

Gamma Medica-Ideas wins two mammography orders in Italy. 7 December 2005

Boston Scientific tops J&J's bid for Guidant with $25bn offer
In a move that seems to have taken the market by surprise, Boston Scientific has offered $72 per Guidant share, about $3bn over the J&J offer. 6 December, 2005

Schering and Siemens to explore new applications for dual-source CT system
Schering AG and Siemens Medical Solutions will jointly explore the potential of Siemens novel Dual Source computer tomography (CT) technology in combination with Schering's imaging agent Ultravist.
5 December 2005

Digital solution for analog optical medical devices
The Horizon Optical Imaging solution from McKesson enables clinicians to take an analogue optical device, such as an endoscope, and turn it into a fully DICOM-enabled digital device to capture still and cine images. 5 December 2005

Medweb unveils 3D PACS on a PC
The Medweb Advanced 3D Web PACS enables many of the features and functions of 3D medical imaging, currently only available on expensive and dedicated advanced 3D workstations, to be used on a standard PC. 5 December 2005

Zonare upgrades ultrasound system
The upgrades include two new transducers, calculation packages and a program for automatically recognizing and adjusting for the differences in body sound propagation. 5 December 2005

Kodak to distribute Cedara's breast ultrasound CAD system
Kodak will distribute the Cedara B-CAD computer-aided detection systrem to its customers worldwide as part of an integrated solution with their Kodak Carestream Mammography Workstation. 5 December 2005

Biophan outlines technological and financial strategy
CEO of Biophan Technologies, Inc., Michael Weiner, addressed a group of Swiss investors. He discussed Biophan's portfolio of technologies and gave a five-year outlook for potential Company revenues. 5 December 2005

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