Kodak to distribute Cedara's breast ultrasound CAD system

Toronto, Canada. Cedara Software has entered into an agreement with Eastman Kodak Company to bring the world's first computer aided detection (CAD) system for breast ultrasound to healthcare providers.

Under the agreement, Kodak will distribute Cedara B-CAD to its customers worldwide as part of an integrated solution with their Kodak Carestream Mammography Workstation. "Ultrasound is an excellent vehicle for breast cancer diagnosis. At Cedara, we believe that offering healthcare providers tools that present additional information so they can make the best diagnosis is critical to
early detection of disease," said Sabrina Cannistraro, Product Manager for Women's Health at Cedara.

Cedara B-CAD is designed to assist radiologists in the analysis of breast lesions using ultrasound images and reduce the time required by a radiologist to analyze and report the findings of breast ultrasound images. Cedara B-CAD provides tools for automatic image analysis, segmentation, and classification. To address hospital wide needs for consistent reporting practices, Cedara B-CAD provides a standardized reporting structure defined by the ACR BI-RADS Ultrasound Lexicon Classification Form.

"In analyzing our offerings for breast imaging, the need and value of CAD for breast ultrasound became immediately apparent," said Ron Muscosky, Product Line Manager in Kodak's Health Group. "Ultrasound diagnosis can present a number of challenges to any radiologist. Cedara B-CAD helps to extract valuable information from a medical image and can be helpful to radiologists in diagnosing disease."

B-CAD was developed by Cedara Software and the Medipattern Corporation through Cedara's Technology Partnership Program. B-CAD was US FDA 510(k) cleared in May 2005.

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