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Chinese breast cancer program selects iCAD computer-aided detection system

12 December 2005

The Chinese Anti-Cancer Association has chosen the SecondLook computer-aided breast cancer detection from iCAD for its "Million Women Breast Cancer Screening" program.

Computer–aided detection (CAD) uses artificial intelligence, enhanced image processing, pattern recognition, mathematical formulas and statistical computations to detect and mark suspicious areas on a mammography image. It serves as a “second pair of eyes” for the radiologist and adds a layer of quality assurance by helping them detect more cancers earlier, reduce the amount of treatment needed by earlier detection and save lives.

Breast cancer is a growing women's health issue in China, and the Million Women Breast Cancer Screening program is intended to increase early detection throughout the world's most populous nation. The Chinese Anti-Cancer Association has entered into a five-year agreement with iCAD's reseller in China for a minimum of one hundred SecondLook film-based CAD systems.

iCAD has received the first order under this agreement, in the amount of approximately $426,000, for twenty film-based CAD systems that are designed and configured for the Chinese agency. The Company expects these systems to be shipped to the customer this month.

"We are particularly pleased," observed Scott Parr, President and CEO of iCAD, Inc., "to join with the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association in creating a new and growing awareness of the risks of breast cancer and in improving the early detection and treatment of such cancer throughout China, a nation of 1.3 billion people."

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