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October 2005

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Radiofrequency ablation of breast cancer cells reduces need for further surgery
A clinical trial conducted at the University of Arkansas Cancer Research Center has found that radiofrequency ablation (RFA)-assisted lumpectomy reduced the need for re-excision for inadequate margins following lumpectomy by 86%. 30 October 2005

Medtronic served with subpoena regarding pacemakers and defibrillators. 30 October 2005

US FDA clears GE Healthcare's new bone mineral density system
GE Healthcare has announced that it has received US FDA clearance for its Lunar iDXA, a new bone mineral density system designed to help doctors detect, diagnose and monitor treatment of osteoporosis. The system can also assess body fat composition and ascertain fat distribution. 30 October 2005

Dräger Medical receives award for patient monitoring technology
Dräger Medical has been awarded the 2005 Award for Technology Innovation in the multiparameter patient monitoring market by Frost & Sullivan. 29 October 2005

Turkish study shows electron beam CT better than angiography at detecting heart defect.
A study of Turkish cardiology patients conducted by Saint Louis University School of Medicine has shown that electron-beam computed tomography (EBCT) is more accurate than conventional catheter angiography for detecting a dangerous congenital heart abnormality that could cause sudden death. 26 October 2005

European Institute of Oncology orders CT laser breast imaging system
Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc., has announced that the European Institute of Oncology (EIO) in Milan, Italy has ordered a CT Laser Mammography (CTLM(R)) system. This is the fourth sale for the company in Italy. 25 October 2005

Non-invasive blood pressure technology reliable during surgery
Medwave has announced that a study published in Anesthesia & Analgesia shows that its Vasotrac non-invasive blood pressure monitor is a reliable alternative to cuff and direct arterial measurements during routine surgical cases. 22 October 2005

Siemens introduces interactive breastcare solution with customised DVD for patients
Siemens Medical Solutions has introduced MammoSmart, a network-connected interactive breastcare solution enabling medical imaging centres and hospitals to provide patients with their complete mammography history on a CD or DVD. 22 October 2005

Philips reports sales increase of 5% in third quarter
Philips sales increased to 7,626, 5% above the 2004 third quarter figure, comparable to 4% after adjustments for currency movements and consolidation changes. Sales were driven by strong growth in all main product divisions except Semiconductors. Medical Systems sales increased 7%. 21 October 2005

Biophan to detail nanotechnology medical breakthroughs at conference
Biophan Technologies, Inc. will be among nanotechnology industry and research leaders at the upcoming Lux Executive Summit, a high-profile national conference focused on the business impact of nanotechnology. 21 October 2005

GE reports record third-quarter 2005 financial results
GE's third-quarter 2005 earnings were a record $4.7 billion, 15% higher than last year's third quarter. Healthcare increased total orders 8% over third quarter 2004 to $3.7 billion.

Medtronic awarded $51m in patent infringement case against BrainLAB AG
A jury in the U.S. District Court in Denver has awarded $51 million to Medtronic Navigation in a longstanding dispute with BrainLAB AG, of Germany, involving four patents related to image-guided surgical techniques and devices. 16 October 2005

Siemens 64-slice CT scan of heartClinical studies demonstrate effectiveness of Siemens 64-slice CT scans in cardiac care
Three studies of 64-slice computed tomography (CT) in cardiac care have been published in peer-reviewed journals by Siemens' clinical collaborators in Switzerland, USA and Germany. 16 October 2005

Ferrania and MiASoft announce partnership agreement
Ferrania UK has signed a OEM Partner Agreement with MiASoft to market and sell the AiMS image management application portfolio as part of Ferrania’s LifeWeb PACS and RIS/PACS portfolio. 16 October 2005

Portable brain scanner with Bluetooth for emergency stroke assessment
The UK charity Action Medical Research has awarded Dr Alistair McEwan of University College London a grant of £138,629 to develop a portable brain scanner using electrical impedance tomography. It will enable ambulance crews to assess stroke victims on route to hospital. 14 October 2005

University College London Hospitals go filmless with Agfa PACS
University College London Hospitals (UCLH) has installed Agfa's Impax picture archiving and communications system in its new £225 million building. All the sites within UCLH are expected to be fully digital by the end of October. 13 October 2005

Sony launches first still and moving video DICOM capture station
Sony has launched the BZMD-1 DICOM capture station, a next-generation device for the medical industry that will redefine the way in which surgical operations are recorded and visual medical information is used in today’s operating theatres. 13 October 2005

CardioDynamics reports loss in third quarter 2005.
Net sales decreased by 21% to $8.8 million, compared to the third quarter 2004, and the company made a loss of $474,000 compared to a net income of $992,000 in the third quarter 2004. 11 October 2005

Benefits of MRI scans offset high cost
An analysis of developments in magnetic resonance imaging technology by Frost & Sullivan concludes that the technology has great benefits which offset the high costs. 11 October 2005

Imaging Diagnostic Systems sells laser mammography systems in Italy and Poland. 11 October 2005

HealthTronics gains exclusive control of HMT's urology devices
Following the bankruptcy of Swiss company High Medical Deveices (HMT),  HealthTronics, Inc. has acquired all of its patents and other intellectual property for its urological devices. 11 October 2005

US may lose lead in biomedical robots
he United States' lead in research on robots for use in biology and medicine could change in the next few years,  according to a report on robotics research and development in the United States, Japan, Korea and Western Europe. 11 October 2005

Biophan receives patent on improved medical device safety under MRI
Biophan Technologies, Inc. has received a patent for a device that detects electrical surges during magnetic resonance imaging. This can prevent incompatible implanted devices, such as a pacemaker, from causing harm to patients or medical staff due to dangerous electrical currents induced in the device during imaging. 9 October 2005

Tunstall to market Honeywell HomMed patient monitors in UK.
9 October 2005

eHealth requires harmonisation across Europe
Insurmountable hurdles to harmonisation of healthcare in Europe are being created as a result of incompatible electronic systems being introduced in EU member countries. 8 October 2005

Health illiteracy costs Europe millions
Improving health literacy is the key to improving overall health and to reducing healthcare budgets in Europe, according to a panel of experts meeting at the European Health Forum Gastein, Austria. 8 October 2005

Résumé: L’ignorance en matière de santé coûte des millions à l’Europe

Zusammenfassung: Geringe Gesundheitskenntnisse der Bürger kostet Europa Millionen.

Riassunto: Le scarse informazioni sulla salute costano all'Europa milioni di euro.

New battery technology extends life of implantable medical devices
New battery technology based on organosilicon that extends the life of lithium batteries has been developed by the University of Wisconsin - Madison. It will lead to longer lasting and smaller batteries for powering implantable devices such as defibrillators and the new breed of nerve microstimulators. 5 October 2005

Siemens launches new Acuson Antares ultrasound system
The new Antares system is a complete ultrasound system providing highly upgradeable and comprehensive clinical capabilities, research functions, enhanced workflow efficiencies, and user-friendly ergonomics. 4 October 2005

MRI shows blood flow to brain may play key role in dementia
The amount of blood flowing into the brain may play a larger role in the development of dementia than previously believed, according to a study by researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands.
4 October 2005

Breast cancer diagnosis improved by combining near-infrared imaging with ultrasound
Combining optical tomography, using near infrared light, with standard ultrasound imaging can help distinguish early-stage breast cancer from non-cancerous lesions, and potentially reduce the number of breast biopsies performed. 4 October 2005

Viles & Beckman, file class action lawsuit against Guidant over faulty defibrillators and pacemakers. 4 October 2005

New radiation therapy may improve breast cancer survival rates
Intraoperative Radiation Treatment (IORT) is a new radiation therapy that may improve the local control of breast cancer significantly. It can preserve the breast and may also reduce the spread of the disease. 4 October 2005

Varian's first Trilogy linear accelerator in Europe installed in Lisbon clinic
Varian Medical Systems has scored a European first with the installation of its Trilogy medical linear accelerator at the Clinica Quadrantes in Lisbon. The accelerator will enable doctors at the clinic to offer cancer patients more targeted treatments using new methods. 4 October 2005

Zonare expands ultrasound business into Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Zonare Medical Systems, a developer of next-generation ultrasound technology, announced the opening of the company's new affiliate, ZONARE Medical Systems GmbH, at the seventeenth annual European Congress of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 3 October 2005

ZONARE Medical Systems élargit sa présence européenne

ZONARE Medical Systems erweitert europäische Marktpräsenz

Advanced artificial retina to undergo clinical trials
Intelligent Medical Implants (IMI) has completed the development of and is to begin clinical trials of its 50-electrode Learning Retinal Implant system, which it claims is the most sophisticated artificial vision device implanted in humans. 3 October 2005

Impedance cardiography helps identify patients at risk of heart failure
A study conducted by the San Diego Veterans Administration Healthcare System and University of California found that impedance cardiography (ICG) and BNP testing can help predict heart failure-related. 2 October 2005

Web-enabled cardiology system from Cardiac Science
Cardiac Science Corporation has launched a web version of its Pyramis cardiology data management system.  Authorised users will be able to access cardiology data with full privileges fro anywhere. It will also allow further integration with the  Cerner Millennium hospital information system. 2 October 2005

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