Surgery news


3D printed model of heart helps surgeon plan life-saving heart surgery
A cardiac surgeon at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has used a 3D printed heart as a model to plan a life-saving procedure for a young patient born with a rare heart defect. 2 Feb 2015

Gecko Biomedical receives €1.3m from Bpifrance to develop surgical adhesives
Paris-based Gecko Biomedical has announced it has received a €1.3 million loan from Bpifrance to advance development of its biodegradable surgical glues and patches for wound closure. 21 Jan 2015

New nuclear and fluorescence imaging agent to guide cancer surgery
Grenoble-based CEA-Leti and cancer research cluster CLARA have developed a new fluorescence-imaging agent that could significantly increase surgeons’ accuracy when removing cancerous tumours. 8 Jan 2015

3D imaging helps surgeons measure size of tumours
Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging and augmented-reality software allows surgeons to pinpoint a tumour and measure its volume, including its depth. 26 Nov 2014

OssDsign's bioceramic Cranioplug gains FDA approval
Stockholm-based OssDsign AB has announced that its Cranioplug, a bioceramic plug for re-fixing skull bone after brain surgery, has received 510(k) clearance by the US FDA. 24 Nov 2014

3D printing in reconstructive facial surgery hindered by reimbursement challenge
The 3D printing sector is battling to convince surgeons that it is a financially viable treatment for craniomaxillofacial (CMF) reconstruction, despite it being lauded as a game-changing development, says an analyst with research and consulting firm GlobalData. 1 Sept 2014

Haemostasis management device used in Afghanistan war zones approved by NICE
The ROTEM point of care blood analyser which has been used to manage major bleeding in soldiers in Afghanistan has now been recommended by NICE for use by the NHS. 29 Aug 2014

Twelve NHS hospitals use 3D printing to test implants for reconstructive surgery
Stratasys Ltd has announced that UK medical 3D printing specialist, Replica 3DM, is using its Stratasys 3D Printers to provide a service to twelve NHS hospitals to print models for the validation of reconstructive implants prior to surgery. 26 Aug 2014

Gecko Biomedical's Maria Pereira named as MIT Technology Review Innovator
Gecko Biomedical has announced that its Head of Adhesive Technologies has been named as one of MIT Technology Review's “35 Innovators Under 35” for 2014 for the development of a wound healing glue for heart surgery. 19 Aug 2014

Nanoparticle solution closes deep wounds in 30 seconds
A French research team has shown that an aqueous solution of nanoparticles can repair deep wounds in the skin and soft-tissue organs that normally tear when sutures (stitches) are applied. 24 Apr 2014

Motorbike crash survivor’s face reconstructed with 3D printed titanium implant
A specialist team at the Morriston Hospital in Swansea has successfully implanted a specially designed and printed titanium cheek bone and eye socket for a badly injured motorcyclist. 17 Mar 2014

MRI mapping of nerve fibres helps brain surgeons preserve brain function
A novel technique for interpreting MRI scan data produces images of the brain’s nerve network that can guide neurosurgeons to preserve critical brain functions such as vision, speech and memory. 24 Nov 2013

Multispectral camera highlights cancer remnants for removal during surgery
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Project Group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology (PAMB) have developed a multispectral fluorescence camera system that can make hidden tumour cells visible during surgery. 20 Nov 2013

Free-floating 3D holograms of heart used to guide heart surgery
Royal Philips and RealView Imaging Ltd have completed a pilot study that has demonstrated the feasibility of using a live 3D hologram with interactive technology to guide minimally-invasive heart surgery. 31 Oct 2013

Lungs awaiting transplant preserved 11 hours outside body at room temperature
A transplant team at University Hospitals Leuven has successfully preserved a set of donor lungs for over eleven hours while waiting for completion of the patient's emergency liver transplant. 16 Oct 2013

Skin cancer tissue rapidly identified during surgery
The University of Nottingham has developed an accurate technique to rapidly identify the margins of cancerous tissue during surgery that combines auto-fluorescence of skin tissue with Raman laser spectroscopy. 23 Sept 2013

Raman laser highlights tumour cells in brain tissue during surgery
A new laser-based technology can identify cancerous cells during surgery, enabling surgeons to make sure they remove all the cells that could develop into a new tumour. 10 Sept 2013

Call for action on antimicrobial resistance
International leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, SMEs and the healthcare sector met in May to look at why we are no closer to defusing the antibiotic resistance “ticking-time bomb” than we were a decade ago. 21 Aug 2013

Image guided surgical system treats blood clots in the brain
A new image-guided surgical system under development at Vanderbilt University uses steerable needles to penetrate the brain with minimal damage and suction away blood clots. 19 Aug 2013

Medical device issues cause quarter of operating room errors
Around a quarter of all operating room errors are caused by technology or equipment problems, according to an analysis published online in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety. 25 July 2013

Cook Medical launches spray device for treating upper GI bleeds
Cook Medical has launched in the UK market its Hemospray device, a powder delivery system that stops bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract. 22 July 2013

Electrosurgical knife instantly detects cancer during surgery
The iKnife is a surgical knife that cuts flesh using electrical current and analyses the vapour to detect characteristic chemicals of specific cancers using a mass spectrometer. 18 July 2013

Baby's life saved by 3D-printed tracheal splint
Doctors at the University of Michigan have saved the life of a 20-month-old baby with a collapsed trachea by printing a custom designed splint based on a CT scan of his trachea. With video. 4 June 2013

Explanation for gastric bypass curing diabetes found
A team from Lund University in Sweden has discovered why a gastric bypass sends diabetes into remission in  the majority of cases, opening the door to developing treatment with the same effect. 1 May 2013

Pinhole surgery has potential for treating appendicitis
Surgery for appendicitis that uses a pinhole incision through the navel may be a feasible alternative to traditional appendectomies, according to a study published in the British Journal of Surgery. 22 Apr 2013

BMJ raises concerns over effectiveness of costly melanoma procedure and witheld clinical trial data
The BMJ has published a special report this week that finds that thousands of melanoma patients around the world are undergoing an unnecessary expensive and invasive procedure called sentinel node biopsy. 11 Jan 2013

The future of surgical robots and robot surgeons 
Robots have established a foothold in surgery but what role will they play 20 years from now? Most current surgical robots are teleoperated by surgeons from a console. But new research points to very different robotic surgical devices in the future — micro and nano devices. How will surgeons interact with them? Can we expect to see surgical robots-on-a-chip and surgery taking place outside operating rooms and clinical environments without surgeon’s interaction? Dr Paula Gomes of Cambridge Consultants answers the questions.
4 April 2013

Addenbrooke's Hospital pioneers 3D vision system for brain surgery in the UK
The 3D vision system enables the viewing of extremely detailed operations, such as brain tumour, vascular and skull base surgeries. 14 Nov 2012

Biophytis awarded €1.5m to combat sarcopenic obesity
Biophytis will use the funds for its SARCOB project to develop nutritional products for preventing and treating sarcopenic obesity. 26 Sept 2012

OrthAlign chooses ADI's iMEMS motion sensor for portable surgical navigation system
OrthAlign's portable surgical navigation system is used to guide femoral alignment during knee surgery. 26 Sept 2012

New anatomical tissue bank for Europe
MedCure is opening a non-transplant anatomical tissue bank in Amsterdam to provide cadaveric tissue specimens for use by universities, medical researchers and educators in Europe. 30 Aug 2012

New device recovers blood from major surgery to return to patient
Pioneering technology developed at the University of Strathclyde recovers blood spilled during open-heart and major trauma surgery and concentrates the blood cells for transfusion back to the patient. 22 Aug 2012

Book: Pearls and Pitfalls in Head and Neck Surgery
In this unique volume, leading international experts share their experiences in the management of head and neck tumors, providing a guidebook for all surgeons dealing with head and neck neoplasms. August 2012

MIRSURG project develops table-top laser for minimally invasive brain surgery
The solid-state laser system emits short pulses exactly at 6.45 microns with a repetition rate of 100-200 Hz. It that can cut brain tissue with unprecedented precision and greatly reduced collateral damage. 31 May 2012

Boston Scientific announces expanded indication for CRE wire-guided balloon dilator
The new indication offers physicians the ability to now perform Dilation Assisted Stone Extraction (DASE) with the CRE Wireguided Balloon Dilator. This is an alternative method for the removal of difficult stones in the biliary duct. 30 May 2012

Stago launches rapid HIT exclusion test in the UK
Stago has launched a simple test that will rapidly exclude heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), following use of heparin in surgery, in just 10 minutes. 28 May 2012

PIP breast implant failures significantly higher than thought previously
The failure rate of silicone breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prosthèse (PIP) could be as high as 33.8%, according to new research that used ultrasound to detect problems. 20 Apr 2012

Wireless self-propelled chip swims through blood vessels
A tiny, wirelessly powered, self-propelled medical device capable of controlled motion through blood vessels has been developed by electrical engineers at Stanford University. 27 Feb 2012

The Maquet Orchide 3D medical grade 3D high definition video cameraMaquet launches 3D HD surgical camera
Maquet has launched Orchide 3D, a medical grade 3D high definition video camera. This camera sets a new standard of image quality in surgery, with the ability to distinguish depth in the screen as well as in a body cavity.
6 Feb 2012

Clinical process tracking system for operating rooms developed by Karl Storz and Ekahau
The companies have announced a joint solution for operating room management based on tracking patients and equipment using WiFi tags. 25 Jan 2012

World’s first Curve Image guided surgery system operating in Germany
The new technology provides surgeons with guidance and control during surgery, enabling faster, more precise and safer interventions, and offering improved patient outcomes. 25 Jan 2012

Stomach surgery not a cure for diabetes
Bariatric surgery is not a cure for type 2 diabetes, but it can improve blood sugar control, according to a new study published in the British Journal of Surgery. 5 Jan 2012

Microsulis Medical’s ablation device used in first microwave assisted robotic liver resection
Microsulis Medical Ltd’s high powered, percutaneous microwave needle has become the first ablation device to play a crucial role in a liver resection using the da Vinci Surgical System. 7 December 2011

Maquet launches operating table for precision surgery in orthopedics, traumatology and neurosurgery
The Maquet Yuno OTN has been developed to enable all surgical procedures to the upper and lower parts of the skeleton with a high degree of precision. 30 July 2011

Significant rise in survival rates for elderly lung cancer patients treated using radiosurgery
Details of advances in the use of stereotactic body radiotherapy to treat early stage lung cancer in both high risk operable and inoperable cases were presented at the biennial World Conference for Lung Cancer in Amsterdam. 21 July 2011

Liver surgery guided by ultrasound makes tumour removal safer and more effective
World renowned liver surgeon Professor Guido Torzilli is working with Aloka to explore the clinical benefits of intra-operative ultrasound in hepatic cancer surgery. 13 July 2011

The synthetic tissue-engineered windpipeFirst successful transplantation of a synthetic windpipe seeded with patient's own stem cells
Surgical history was made in Stockholm last month when a patient was given a new trachea made from a synthetic scaffold seeded with his own stem cells. The patient, a 36-year old man, is well on the way to full recovery. The image shows the artificial windpipe. 8 July 2011

Pipeline embolization device gives new hope for treating complex brain aneurysms
PED gives doctors the ability for the first time to treat some of the most complex and dangerous brain aneurysms using minimally invasive techniques. 4 July 2011

UK should trial voice-box transplantation, says Royal College of Surgeons says
The procedure would be used to restore power of speech, allow swallowing and improve breathing for the 1,000 people every year in the UK whose larynx is destroyed by trauma or benign or low-grade malignant tumours. 4 July 2011

Welsh surgeon's invention improves recovery from shoulder surgery
A South Wales orthopaedic surgeon has turned his invention into a marketable medical device with the help of Leeds-based medical device manufacturer, Xiros. 17 May 2011

GE Healthcare and Steris Corporation extend collaboration
GE Healthcare has renewed its collaboration with Steris Corporation to continue offering interventional suites optimized with products from both companies.

Siemens integrates Maquet OR table into angiography system
Maquet has announced that Siemens Healthcare will integrate Maquet’s Magnus operating table in its Artis zeego and Artis zee ceiling interventional systems. 19 March 2011

Force feedback helps train surgeons in keyhole surgery
A prototype keyhole surgery instrument that sends feedback to the surgeon through the handle to give a measure of force used could help reduce the number of complications following keyhole surgery. 14 Feb 2011

Abbott receives CE Mark for world's first drug eluting bioresorbable coronary stent
Abbott's BVS device restores blood flow by opening a clogged vessel and providing support to the vessel until the device dissolves within approximately two years. 31 Jan 2011

Hotspur's GPSCath allows multiple vascular procedures from single catheter
The GPSCath is a two-in-one device that allows physicians to perform high-pressure angioplasty and inject physician-specified fluids such as contrast while maintaining guidewire position. 31 Jan 2011

World's first 3D keyhole surgery performed at University of Surrey
Doctors performed the world's first remote 3D keyhole surgery during a symposium at the University of Surrey last December. 28 Jan 2011

New metabolic profiling lab brings personalised medicine to operating theatre
The newly opened Surgical Metabonomics Laboratory in St Mary's Hospital, London, could transform the way surgeons make decisions in the operating theatre by using metabolic profiling of tissue samples. 17 Jan 2011

Hologic acquires uterine fibroid system developer Interlace Medical
Hologic, Inc. a developer of  diagnostics, medical imaging systems and surgical products for women's health has acquired Interlace Medical, Inc. a developer and manufacturer of the MyoSure hysteroscopic tissue removal system. 13 Jan 2011

Gynesonics receives EU clearance for uterine fibroid treatment
The VizAblate System is a transcervical device that combines ultrasound image guidance with radiofrequency ablation to treat fibroids in an outpatient setting. 13 Jan 2011

The iDrive surgical stapling systemCovidien receives US clearance for iDrive powered surgical stapling system
Covidien has received US FDA clearance for its iDrive powered surgical stapling system. This reusable stapling platform is battery-powered, enabling one-handed push-button operation of all primary controls. 10 Dec 2010

iFuse implant system for treating sacroiliac joint receives CE Mark
The iFuse Implant System is a minimally invasive surgical (MIS) system comprised of titanium implants coated with a porous plasma spray that acts as an interference surface fit, which helps decrease implant motion.  23 Nov 2010

Ziehm and Medtronic present interface for image-guided 3D surgical navigation
The Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D C-arm X-ray system now connects to Medtronic's StealthStation surgical navigation system over the Ziehm NaviPort interface to deliver distortion-free 3D images during an operation. 23 Nov 2010

Ultrasound can replace CT and MRI for neurosurgical navigation
Following extensive studies Aloka is promoting the potential for ultrasound to be used in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, CT/MRI as a neuro-navigational tool in certain operations. 23 Nov 2010

Philips announces new COPD alliance and medical innovations at Medica 2010
Philips new alliance is expected to result in better treatment access for patients. It is also displaying innovations for operating rooms, healing lighting, patient monitoring and cardiac ultrasound. 17 Nov 2010

Harvard Healthcare launches single-use hip arthroscopy instruments
Harvard Healthcare will be unveiling their first single-use hip arthroscopy access system at MEDICA 2010, together with a unique range of handheld disposable arthroscopic / endoscopic instruments. 11 Nov 2010

Anetic Aid to highlight the concept and benefits of day surgery at MEDICA
UK manufacturer Anetic Aid Ltd will demonstrate the benefits of day surgery at MEDICA 2010, an approach to treatment which has transformed working practices in the UK’s NHS. 11 Nov 2010

Wardray Premise to exhibit MR and X-ray trolleys at MEDICA
Surrey-based manufacturer of shielding equipment for medical imaging departments, Wardray Premise, will be exhibiting its range of imaging trolleys at MEDICA 2010. 11 Nov 2010

Surgical Innovations' resposable instrumentation reduces cost of laparoscopic surgery
Leeds-based Surgical Innovations is raising the profile of its pioneering resposable instrumentation for laparoscopic surgery at MEDICA 2010 this month. 9 Nov 2010

Tissuemed surgical film improves brain surgery outcomes
A study carried out by neurosurgeons at the University of Padova has found that a surgical film developed by Leeds based Tissuemed prevented cerebrospinal fluid leakage following brain surgery. 9 Nov 2010

Nordson completes acquisition of Micromedics
Nordson Corporation has completed the acquisition of St Paul, Minnesota-based Micromedics Inc., a producer of dispensing biomaterials for controlling bleeding, healing wounds and other related medical procedures.  3 Nov 2010

Maquet's Magnus ergonomic operating table reaches 1000 sales
More than 1,000 of Maquet's Magnus operating table systems have been placed into operation worldwide. The OLV Clinic in Aalst, Belgium took the 1,000th table in August. 15 Oct 2010

Diagram of kneeOrteq reports knee improvement with Actifit meniscal tissue repair product
Orteq Sports Medicine has reported that a two-year study has found significant pain reduction and functional improvement in patients' knees repaired with its meniscal scaffold product Actifit. 1 Oct 2010

The anaesthesia cockpit used in remote anaesthesiaWorld’s first remote anaesthesia across continents
A world first was achieved by McGill University’s Department of Anesthesia on August 30, 2010, when they treated patients undergoing thyroid gland surgery in Pisa, Italy remotely from Montreal, Canada. 10 Sept 2010

Remote anaesthesia using surgical robot
A surgical robot could be used to perform complex regional anaesthesia procedures remotely — teleanaesthesia, according to researchers who carried out a simulation at the University of Florida College of Medicine. 3 Sept 2010

Cytori’s PureGraft receives EU approval for fat grafting procedures
Cytori Therapeutics has received the CE Mark for the PureGraft 250/PURE System for autologous fat grafting procedures. It is aimed at the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery market. 18 August 2010

NDSsi launches ConnectOR G2 platform to integrate surgical imaging
ConnectOR G2 offers the unique ability to connect PACS imaging, surgical video and medical informatics. 12 August 2010

Natural orifice surgery removes cancerous prostate through penis
Urologists at Mayo Clinic in Arizona have developed a new surgical procedure for the treatment of prostate cancer through the urethra, so that there is no incision on the body. [Includes video] 12 August 2010

Cytori gains EU approval for stem-cell-based tissue reconstruction after breast cancer
Cytori Therapeutics has received European approval for its Celution System, a medical device that extracts and separates stem and regenerative cells from a patient’s own fat tissue, and applications for soft tissue repair. 12 August 2010

Patton Surgical launches laparoscopic access instrument for da Vinci surgical system
Patton Surgical Corporation, has launched worldwide the Robotic 8.5mm Endoscope PassPort, designed to be used with the da Vinci Surgical System. 12 August 2010

Orthovita’s surgical collagen facility gains FDA approval
Orthovita will use the new facility to process the highly purified form of collagen used in its Vitagel Surgical Hemostat product. 10 August 2010

Varian and Brainlab Combine TrueBeam STx with the Novalis Radiosurgery Program
Varian Medical Systems and Brainlab are expanding their radiosurgery partnership to incorporate their Novalis technology and other Novalis radiosurgery program elements into the recently launched TrueBeam STx system. 2 August 2010

Alcon to acquire cataract surgery laser developer LenSx Lasers
Alcon, Inc. has agreed to acquire LenSx Lasers, Inc, a privately held company that developed the first femtosecond laser to receive US FDA clearance for use as a part of cataract surgery. 14 July 2010

Link found between surgery and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
A causal relationship between the onset of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and general surgery has been found by analysing decades of Danish and Swedish electronic patient records. 12 July 2010

Stanford Hospital opens hybrid operating and angiography room
The hybrid room enables a patient to stay in one place to be diagnosed and treated, either with surgery or the latest interventional procedure, in an environment as sterile as an operating room, with all-important imaging devices, microscopes and monitors right at hand. 12 July 2010

Magnetic fluorescent nanoparticles highlight brain tumours for MRI and surgery
Scientists at Ohio State University have combined two types of nanoparticle to create a 'nanocomposite' that is both magnetic and fluorescent. The aim is to highlight tumours in diagnostic imaging and visually during surgery. 7 May 2010

Dr Ng's team using the robotic armLeicester University carries out world's first robotic cardiac catheter ablation
A pioneering world first robotically controlled cardiac ablation operation is to be conducted at Glenfield Hospital using the new Remote Catheter Manipulation System (RCMS) developed by Catheter Robotics. 4 May 2010

Brainlab announces UK symposia on Novalis Tx radiosurgery platform
Image-guided technology developer Brainlab is inviting key UK clinicians and healthcare professionals to a series of free clinical symposia on 27 April in Bristol, 28 April in Sheffield and 29 April in London. 23 April 2010

Combined colon and kidney surgery using single-incision laparoscopy
Surgeons at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have carried out a single-incision laparoscopy to perform a combined colectomy and kidney-preserving therapy. 21 April 2010

New method for tuning lasers gives potential for nanosurgery
Researchers at the Technische Universität Darmstadt have found a new method for generating tunable wavelengths employing quantum-dot lasers. It has potential applications in molecular surgery, destroying cancer cells, corneal surgery and diagnostics. 16 April 2010

World's first windpipe transplant and regeneration in a child
British and Italian doctors have achieved a world first in transplanting a donated "stripped down" trachea into a boy and using his own stem cells to rebuild the cellular structure in his body. 19 March 2010

Fluorescent nanoparticles highlight cancerous tissue on operating table
Cell-penetrating molecules carrying fluorescent and magnetic tags that stick to and light up tumors help surgeons see more of the tumour tissue on the operating table and make it visible to MRI scans. 9 Mar 2010

Similar outcomes from open and laparoscopic prostate surgery
Researchers at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York compared outcomes in a population based cohort of almost 6000 men 66 years of age or older with clinically localized prostate cancer. 23 Feb 2010

New guide for intra-operative fluid management
The Guide from the UK's NHS Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC) informs clinicians, particularly anaesthetists, and managers how to successfully implement intra-operative fluid management into routine clinical and operational practice. 9 Feb 2010

Tissuemed partners with Sheffield University to develop adhesive polymer technology
Surgical sealant film manufacturer Tissuemed Ltd is ponsoring a PhD student from the University of Sheffield’s world leading Polymer Centre to optimising adhesive polymer technology for different tissue applications. 9 Feb 2010

First use of NiTi Surgical Solutions' ColonRing in China
NiTi Surgical Solutions has announced that its ColonRing, what it calls the first major advance in closure for gastrointestinal surgery in more than 30 years, has been used for the first time in colorectal surgery in China. 14 Jan 2010

Nexstim’s navigated brain stimulation for neurosurgery planning receives FDA approval
Nexstim Oy, a medical device company has received US FDA appproval for its navigated brain stimulation system for use in the assessment of the primary motor cortex for pre-procedural planning. 17 December 2009

ATS Medical gains CE approval for ATS 3f Enable aortic valve
platform that combines the novel 3f tubular pericardial valve design with its superior hemodynamic profiles and a self-expanding frame to hold the valve in its optimal position. 17 Dec 2009

World first cartilage treatment at UK hospital
Spire Alexandra Hospital in Kent is providing a groundbreaking new treatment for cartilage defects — the first of its kind worldwide.
The treatment enables damaged cartilage to be replaced by a specially developed purified atelocollagen gel. 17 Dec 2009

3-D modelling of heart enables robotic surgery on beating heart
A team at the Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics in France has developed a computerized 3D model that allows surgeons to use robotics to operate on a beating heart. 15 Dec 2009

Minimally invasive disc treatment gives long-term relief from chronic back pain
A comparison of standard medication-based therapy to a minimally invasive treatment called percutaneous disc decompression for painful herniated disc revealed that while both treatments help patients in the short run, only disc decompression kept patients pain free up to two years later. 2 Dec 2009

Philips showcases radiology systems to support minimally invasive surgery at RSNA
Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is highlighting its portfolio in the field of interventional radiology/oncology at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago this week. 1 Dec 2009

Made-to-measure surgical instruments on show at Medica
Sheffield-based Platts & Nisbett, who offer surgeons a ‘made to measure’ service for their hand-crafted surgical instruments, is looking to roll out their high quality products in hospitals around the world. 17 Nov 2009

Pioneering laparoscopic device showcased at Medica
LogiFlex, produced by Surgical Innovations, is a flexible laparoscopic device that uses pioneering flex technology to offer surgeons better rigidity during delicate surgical procedures. 17 Nov 2009

Image of patient's skull after surgeryPatient's own stem cells used to grow facial bone
In a first-of-its kind procedure, stem cells taken from the fat tissue of a 14-year-old boy were combined with growth protein and donor tissue to grow viable cheek bones in the boy. 27 Oct 2009

Olympus offers complete instrument set for minimally invasive LESS Surgery
Olympus has produced a complete set of minimally invasive surgical instruments for laparo-endoscopic single-site surgery (LESS). Access through the navel is made using a TriPort or QuadPort, through which up to three hand instruments can be simultaneously guided. 27 Oct 2009

Ethicon Endo-Surgery launch one-handed articulating endocutter
The Echelon Flex Endopath Stapler is an articulating endocutter designed to be fully operated with one hand and is designed to provide surgeons with improved access and precision during surgery while reducing interruptions. 21 Oct 2009

Medtronic launches improved delivery system for minimally invasive treatment of thoracic aortic aneurysms
Medtronic's Captivia Delivery System features tip capture for enhanced control of the Valiant thoracic stent graft during deployment and a hydrophilic coating applied to the graft cover to facilitate iliac access and delivery through patients’ vasculature. 14 Oct 2009

First drug-eluting stent for femoral artery blockage available in EU
Created by Cook Medical, the new CE Marked Zilver PTX Drug-Eluting Peripheral Stent is widely expected to improve the standard of care for many patients with serious blockages in the superficial femoral artery (SFA) by creating an effective, new treatment option. 13 Oct

Women asking for larger breast implants
UK surgeons say that the size of breast implants women ask for has increased in the last decade. Seven years ago the average implant size women were asking for was about 240cc but today the average is between 270cc and 310cc. However, the experts say big is not always best. 12 Oct 2009

Medtronic launches intraoperative nerve integrity monitors for surgeons
During minimally invasive or traditional open surgery them monitors enable surgeons to identify and confirm motor nerve function and monitor major motor nerves throughout the body, such as cranial nerves in a patient’s head, face and neck. 9 Oct 2009

BD launches expanded line of Visitec single-use microsurgical instruments
BD Medical — Ophthalmic Systems, a unit of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), has announced the worldwide launch of its expanded line of the BD Visitec stainless steel single-use instruments and customised trays. 7 October 2009

Mederi Therapeutics launches radiotherapy treatment for bowel incontinence
The Secca therapy delivers radiofrequency energy to the muscles of the anal canal, which tightens the muscles, producing better bowel control and reducing the symptoms of incontinence. 10 Sept 2009

TransEnterix lauds study results for minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical platform
Surgeons from the United States and Paraguay have successfully performed first-in-man studies of TransEnterix's revolutionary single-incision, single-port, four-channel laparoscopic surgical platform called the SPIDER System. 5 September 2009

Touch-sensitive robot aids tumour detection in minimally invasive surgery
Canadian researchers have created a touch-sensitive robot that detects tougher tumour tissue in half the time, and with 40% more accuracy than a human. The technique also minimises tissue damage. 28 August 2009

Cochlear launches breakthrough hearing implant
Cochlear is launching a new hearing system that gives profoundly deaf people a more advanced hearing performance, with what it claims is the world’s thinnest cochlear implant. 28 August 2009

Germgard's room-temperature surgical instrument sterilizer achieves three-minute cycle time
Germgard Lighting LLC of New Jersey has demonstrated a breakthrough advancement of its gas-based, room-temperature surgical instrument sterilization system. 20 August 2009

Covidien to acquire Power Medical Interventions
Covidien has announced that the company has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Power Medical Interventions, Inc. a provider of computer-assisted, power-actuated surgical cutting and stapling products, for approximately $64 million. 31 July 2009

New 3-D technology allows surgeons to fly through virtual human body
The imaging technology developed at The Methodist Hospital in Houston will change the way surgeons prepare and perform surgery and the way radiation oncologists plan and deliver radiation treatment. 24 July 2009

The surgical robotMalaga University develops first Spanish surgical robot
Laparoscopic surgery has been performed for the first time in Malaga in a routine operation using a robotic assistant in the Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria. The robot was developed by the University of Malaga and is manufactured by Spanish company SENER. 14 July 2009

Siemens optical navigation system facilitates minimally invasive surgery
Siemens Healthcare has introduced the Cappa C-Nav, an optical navigation system that is especially suitable for spinal and trauma surgery. The system enables surgeons to operate with greater safety and precision. 8 June 2009

Metabolic surgery could revolutionize diabetes treatment
Metabolic surgery, a new surgical approach to metabolic disease, may provide the key to curing diabetes in some patients. Recent studies have indicated that bariatric surgery, typically used to treat severe obesity, often results in normalization of blood sugar levels and other metabolic abnormalities. 28 May 2009

Philips acquires Canadian minimally invasive instrument supplier Traxtal
Royal Philips Electronics has announced that it has acquired Canada-based Traxtal Inc., Traxtal will become part of the Ultrasound business within the Philips Healthcare sector. 6 May 2009

Carl Zeiss Meditec launches new OCT applications for eye surgery
The new optical coherence tomography (OCT) applications support cataract, refractive, glaucoma and retina procedures. 9 April 2009

Cardima surgical ablation probe receives EU approval
The system can be used in open-chest surgery in conjunction with other procedures, or as a thoroscopic standalone, closed-chest procedure. 9 April 2009

AtriCure’s cryoablation system receives US FDA clearance.
AtriCure's disposable cryoablation system, Cryo1, received 510(k) clearance from the US FDA for the cryosurgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. 8 April 2009

IlluminOss photodynamic bone stabilization system receives EU approval
The system requires a 4.5mm pathway into the bone. A photo sensitive, liquid monomer is infused into the contours of the interior of the bone, then a light source converts the liquid monomer into a hardened polymer within 90 seconds, stabilizing the bone. 7 April 2009

HD technology ushers new era in minimally invasive surgery
High-definition (HD) video technology has measurably enhanced the ability of surgeons conducting minimally invasive surgery. End-to-end integration of HD devices used in a variety of MIS procedures represents a new era in disruptive technology. 7 April 2009

Smart Surgical Appliances secures investment for minimally invasive surgery device
SSA plans to use the investment to make further technical and regulatory progress on their lead device, the SmartBougie, an oesophageal dilator that measures the elasticity in the external walls of the oesophagus. 25 March 2009

Minimally-invasive surgery needs more data on outcomes
Minimally-invasive oncologic surgery procedures can be beneficial, but physicians need to be prudent when recommending the option to their patient. There is little data from randomized controlled clinical trials to provide any insight into outcomes or survival rates. 23 March 2009

Freezing prostate cancer as effective as surgery
Male lumpectomy, a minimally invasive interventional radiology treatment for prostate cancer, is as effective as surgery in destroying diseased tumours according to studies released at a meeting of the the Society of Interventional Radiology. 19 March 2009

More research needed in EU on surgery for non-transmittable diseases
For most non-transmittable conditions, surgery remains an indispensable remedy and yet, little recognition has been given in terms of support for research and development. More needs to be done. This is the main conclusion of a seminar held at the European Parliament earlier this month. 15 March 2009

Surgeons remove kidney through vagina
Surgeons at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US have successfully removed a healthy donor kidney through a small incision in the back of the donor’s vagina. 21 February 2009

The endoscope used to preform the operation. (Photo: Business Wire)Stanford hospital performs stomach surgery through throat
A 53 year old man has become one of the first patients at Stanford Hospital & Clinics in the US to be treated using natural orifice surgery, in this case for weight-loss. The entire surgery was performed through the man's throat. 16 February 2009

International Stem Cell Corporation begins pre-clinical trials on human corneal epithelial cells
The trials aimed at improving photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), a form of corrective laser eye surgery. 11 February 2009

Haptic devices deliver more realistic, and safer medical training
SensAble Technologies, Inc highlighted novel touch-enabled applications for medical training and simulation using the company’s haptic devices and software at the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference in Long Beach California last week. 28 January 2009

Covidien receives FDA clearance for SILS Port Multiple Instrument Access Port
Covidien's Surgical Devices business unit has received US FDA c;earance to market the its SILS Port Multiple Instrument Access Port for laparoscopic surgery through a single incision. 22 January 2009

WHO safe surgery checklist reduces deaths and complications
Hospitals in eight cities around the globe have successfully demonstrated that the use of a simple surgical checklist, developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), during major operations can lower the incidence of surgery-related deaths and complications by one third. 21 January 2009

Medtronic launches integrated power console platform for spinal, cranial, and ENT surgery
The integrated power console (IPC) platform is Medtronic's first multispecialty surgical power console for use in spinal, cranial, and ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeries. It powers Medtronic’s Midas Rex Legend EHS, Legend EHS Stylus, Straightshot M4 Microdebrider, Visao, and Skeeter drills. 12 January 2009

Covidien’s microwave ablation system for liver tumours gains FDA clearance
Covidien's Evident microwave ablation system is intended for use in the ablation of nonresectable liver tumours. It offers a procedural option for patients who are not candidates for surgical resection and have few remaining treatment options. 8 January 2009

Acculis microwave tissue ablation system launched worldwide
UK company Acculis Limited has announced the worldwide launch of its pioneering microwave tissue ablation (MTA) system for the coagulation of soft tissue in open surgery. 7 January 2009

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