Ethicon Endo-Surgery launch one-handed articulating endocutter

21 October 2009

Ethicon Endo-Surgery has launched  the Echelon Flex Endopath Stapler, an articulating endocutter designed to be fully operated with one hand.

The novel one-handed design, which includes enhanced articulating capabilities, is designed to provide surgeons with improved access and precision during surgery while reducing interruptions.

The endocutter, which is used to cut and staple tissue, has applications in a variety of surgical procedures, including bariatric, thoracic, colorectal, gynaecologic, urologic and general surgery.

It has has been successfully trialled for the first time in the EU by Dr. Bruno Dillemans, bariatric surgeon at Hospital AZ St.-Jan in Bruges, Belgium, who completed three gastric bypass procedures using the new instrument.

“There has been a strong desire among surgeons for a one-handed, articulating mechanical stapler so this device has the potential to fill that demand,” said Dr. Bruno Dillemans. “A surgeon’s ability to precisely manipulate these devices is critical to a successful surgery. Improvements in articulation can greatly impact the overall surgical experience for the surgeon and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.”

The improved articulating capabilities combined with the one-handed operation of the device, represent a significant advancement when compared to traditional lever-based, two-handed endocutters. Surgeons will gain greater access to transection sites that are difficult to reach and increase their precision in placing the device.

The ability to operate an endocutter with one hand may also reduce instrument exchange between surgeon and surgical team, decreasing interruptions and enhancing focus on the surgical field.

The one-handed operation capabilities are complimented by a shorter grip span and improved force-to-fire. These ergonomic features of the endocutter are intended to improve comfort and ease of use for surgeons.


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