Cochlear launches breakthrough hearing implant

28 August 2009

Cochlear is launching a new hearing system that gives profoundly deaf people a more advanced hearing performance, with what it claims is the world’s thinnest cochlear implant.

People with impaired hearing want to lead an active life, to communicate in groups without being distracted by background noise and talk comfortably on the telephone. Parents of deaf children want them to develop spoken language and to access the curriculum in the classroom.

The Cochlear implant
The Cochlear implant

The Cochlear Nucleus 5 System sets a new standard in the field of cochlear implant technology. Measuring only 3.9mm thick and 40% slimmer than previous generation Cochlear implants, it is much less obtrusive to wear, easier to use and less complex for surgeons to implant.

Professor Gerard O'Donoghue, Professor of Otology and Neurotology at the University of Nottingham and Queen's Medical Centre NHS Trust in Nottingham and cochlear implant surgeon, commented: “The launch of the Cochlear Nucleus 5 System represents a quantum leap forward in hearing implant technology. The new slim design makes for minimally invasive surgery techniques and reduces operating time, which is highly advantageous when implanting infants and young children.

"Many young children are now receiving implants simultaneously in each ear, so that reducing operating time has never been more important. The new design also means that the implanted electronics can barely be seen beneath the skin, which is cosmetically very pleasing.”

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