Maquet launches 3D HD surgical camera

6 February 2012

Ardon, France. Maquet has launched Orchide 3D, a medical grade 3D high definition video camera. This camera sets a new standard of image quality in surgery, with the ability to distinguish depth in the screen as well as in a body cavity.

It also provides 3D HD images for videoconferencing, interdisciplinary co-operation, research and training. By emphasising certain aspects of the operation, precise placement of surgical tools during the procedure and depth perception, this brings a real improvement to surgery training.

Orchide 3D is compatible with all current 3D displays and Maquet surgical lights. It is equipped with twinned HD cameras, which record a left and right eye view. The system combines those images to give a 3D depth of field.

The Maquet Orchide 3D medical grade 3D high definition video camera

Thanks to its 800° rotation, the ORCHIDE 3D camera (above) can easily be positioned above the surgical wound, in the heart of the action.

 ORCHIDE 3D provides High Definition images with an excellent colour rendition and a comfortable perception of depth in order to quickly and accurately focus on the surgeon's point of interest.

“3D images are a convenient way to visualize medical circumstances, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to depict” adds Frédéric Herpin, Vice-President Marketing at the Maquet Surgical Workplaces division. 3D Technology — a great way to optimize comprehension and facilitate training. It is then possible to see the interventions in 3D and to transfer live images for staff training, which facilitates the knowledge sharing for teachers as well as trainees.

With MAQUET’s 3D video, the inside of a cavity becomes accessible to the observer who now has a very realistic rendering of any mechanical or anatomical structure in the medical field. ORCHIDE 3D images can also be recorded for documentation and communication use. After the transition to high definition, this new step in multimedia enhancement dedicated to the medical field allows a much closer approach of the surgical reality.

Source: Maquet

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