Acculis microwave tissue ablation system launched worldwide

7 January 2009

UK company Acculis Limited has announced the worldwide launch of its pioneering microwave tissue ablation (MTA) system for the coagulation of soft tissue in open surgery.

The MTA system is being used to treat liver cancers. It is the only single-needle high power 2.45GHz microwave system cleared by the US FDA. It achieves 5x6.5cm coagulations with single eight-minute applications and 4.3x6cm diameter coagulations in only four minutes.

The MTA system surpasses contemporary low power 915 MHz microwave systems which require complex multiple needle placements and longer times to achieve equivalent coagulations.
The system was first distributed to a cohort of the world’s leading cancer centres. The roll out is now being extended through the recruitment of distributors in several European countries, South America and Asia.

Stuart McIntyre, CEO of Acculis Limited said, “We are pleased to be making this market-leading technology available to cancer centres throughout the world. The MTA System has proven itself as an important additional tool for the liver surgeon. It simplicity, power and speed make it ideal for delivering fast large spherical coagulations in conjunction with other intra-operative procedures. Other low power-low frequency systems require multiple needles, complex placements, multiple generators and are slow and costly. Unlike the MTA system, which meets the needs of surgeons and administrators alike.”

Acculis says that the speed and predictability of MTA means that the desired coagulation zone can be reliably and decisively achieved and the short time taken to create large coagulations means that many more sites can be coagulated within a given operative window. The simplicity of the system ensures that ablations can be performed during open procedures without placing complex additional equipment management demands on the operative team.

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