Tissuemed partners with Sheffield University to develop adhesive polymer technology

9 February 2010

Leeds-based surgical sealant film manufacturer Tissuemed Ltd is investing in ‘research expertise’ by sponsoring a PhD student from the University of Sheffield’s world leading Polymer Centre.

Over the next three years student Annika Clifton will investigate optimising the company's proprietary adhesive polymer technology for different tissue applications.

Annika will have the goal of adapting Tissuemed’s technology to develop a biodegradable membrane, which is modified to promote skin cell adhesion to wound beds and promote angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels.

Tissuemed has already brought to market a range of very fine absorbable films branded TissuePatch, which adhere to the body’s internal tissues, preventing the leakage of air, blood or other fluids encountered in surgery.

A surgical patchCurrently the technology used in TissuePatch is more adhesive than competitor surgical glues, is easy to apply, requires no preparation and is effective within 30 seconds of contact. It works like a surgical ‘cling-film’ and has been optimised to address the very specific demands of different surgical environments and tissue types.

This project has been designed to combine the expertise and experience of the University of Sheffield’s Polymer Centre with Tissuemed’s team of polymer scientists, the combination representing years of experience in developing polymer technologies for different medical applications.

Although in its current guise the product works well as an adjunct to wound closure, it does not actively stimulate new tissue growth within the body and this is what the research project will focus on.

Tissuemed’s R&D Manager Dr Ian Thompson states: “We are delighted to be working with this prestigious unit and highly expectant that the output will contribute significantly to our understanding of the applications for our technology beyond its current scope. We have a history of developing new products and technologies and this programme will help take us to the next level and potentially revolutionise key aspects of surgery across the world.”

Sheffield Polymer Centre's Dr Steve Rimmer comments: “We are all very excited about this new partnership, which combines around ten years of our own academic work with Tissuemed’s reputation and experience in getting products to market. I am sure we can make a real difference in clinical practice in a relatively short timeframe.”


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