Siemens optical navigation system facilitates minimally-invasive surgery

8 June 2009

Siemens Healthcare has introduced the Cappa C-Nav, an optical navigation system that is especially suitable for spinal as well as trauma surgery.

The new navigation system enables surgeons to perform interventions with greater safety and precision. It also minimizes radiation exposure to the patient as well as the operating room (OR) staff.

Orthopaedic and trauma surgeons, especially, will benefit from the new technollgy. Precision is a substantial pre-condition in the OR in general, but in particular in spinal and trauma surgery as well as in orthopaedics.

The Siemens Cappa C-Nav
The Siemens Cappa C-Nav optical navigation
system for minimally invasive surgery

In spinal surgery, for example, the new system helps to accurately position pedicle screws in the spine; in orthopaedics navigation technology is used to support online visualization during stabilization of degenerated bones.

Prior to the operation, the surgeon creates a 3D X-ray data set of the region of interest. This data set is used like a map for orientation during surgical intervention. The surgeon navigates during the operation by using so-called optical tracking via a special stereo camera.

An example of using the new navigation system to plan position of pedicle screws in spinal surgery
The picture shows screw planning for spinal surgery
using the navigation system.

The surgeon is able to use the navigation system easily and by himself via a sterile user interface. The surgeon’s instruments and patient’s body region of interest are provided with differently arranged small reflecting marker spheres.

The camera continuously acquires the position of these spheres and informs the navigation system of their location. This enables the surgeon to proceed with even greater accuracy during the operation by virtually testing the length of the screws, for example. Also the ability to continuously check the progress and results of an operation may save patients the need for a second surgical intervention.

Cappa C-Nav is optimally tailored for the mobile C-arm Arcadis Orbic 3D and, if needed, can be retrofitted for these systems. Beginning in June 2009, Cappa C-Nav will be available for the first time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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