Microsulis Medical’s ablation device used in first microwave assisted robotic liver resection

7 December 2011

Microsulis Medical Ltd’s high powered, percutaneous microwave needle — the Accu2i pMTA applicator — has become the first ablation device of its kind documented to play a crucial role in a liver resection using the da Vinci Surgical System.

Microsulis is a medical device developer specialising in minimally invasive microwave technology for the coagulation, or destruction, of soft tissue. Clinicians have successfully used the company’s devices to coagulate tissue in the liver, lung, kidney and bone.

The recent hepatectomy involving the da Vinci Surgical System and Accu2i pMTA was carried out by Dr Adrian Legaspi, MD, at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Florida.

The patient, a 60-year-old female, presented with a liver lesion measuring 3.5cm. Dr Legaspi used the da Vinci’s state-of-the-art robotic technology to operate through tiny incisions in the patient’s abdomen. Using intra-operative ultrasound and direct visual guidance he located the target coagulation zones and used the da Vinci system to place the Accu2i pMTA along the line he intended to cut in order to minimise blood loss. In total he conducted six 120 watt, two minute burns.

Dr Legaspi then proceeded to cut out the lesion with minimal blood loss while carrying out three further two minute burns at 180 watts. At the end of the operation the removed tissue measured approximately 5.5cm, providing an excellent margin, and the collection canister was empty, with only trace amounts of blood in the suction tubing. In total, the patient was in theatre for two and half hours.

After the case Dr Legaspi said: “I feel that the capability of pre-coagulation with microwave ablation for robotic surgery is going to help reduce operative time and improve patient outcomes.”

Stuart McIntyre, Chief Executive of Microsulis Medical Ltd, said: “We are delighted that the versatility of the Accu2i pMTA applicator has been highlighted as part of this technologically advanced, minimally invasive procedure.”

The Accu2i pMTA applicator — part of the Acculis Microwave Tissue Ablation (MTA) system — is the most powerful soft tissue ablation product available, combining extreme ease of use with the widest range of clinical applications. It is a single high power, high frequency 2.45GHz, saline-cooled needle that is between three to 10 times faster than other devices. It can coagulate tissue masses of up to 5.6cm in size in just six minutes.

Source: MJicrosulis Medical


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