Siemens integrates Maquet OR table into angiography system

19 March 2011

Maquet has announced that Siemens Healthcare will integrate Maquet’s Magnus operating table in its Artis zeego and Artis zee ceiling interventional systems.

The key benefit of the new solution is its multidisciplinary use of the hybrid OR, which means it will be usable both for angiographic imaging and for open procedures where extremely flexible patient positioning may be required.

The Magnus OR table system from Maquet is fitted with exchangeable table tops — a fully radiolucent carbon top as well as a highly flexible, segmented table top. The latter allows surgeons the most appropriate positioning of the patient for a wide variety of surgical procedures, including complicated positions, which are particularly occurring in orthopedics and neurosurgery.

First clinical user tests of this integrated hybrid OR are planned to start mid 2012, and market introduction is planned for mid 2013.


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