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January 2005

Siemens launch new lithotripsy system: Lithoskop, a multifunctional lithotripter for almost any urological application

Neues Lithotripsiesystem fr nahezu alle urologischen Anwendungen

Long Beach Memorial to implant world's first device to manage the heart's fluid accumulation

Catholic University in Rome receives CT laser mammography system to support clinical research

First commercial laser breast imaging system in Italy

Varian to develop image-guided robotic radiosurgical systems

US army surgeons save 9 out of 10 casualties due to advancements in care and technology

Varian Medical Systems acquires Sigma Micro Informatique Conseil

Varian Medical Systems acquiert Sigma Micro Informatique Conseil

Edwards previews new minimally invasive heart monitor at SCCM

Medical Technologies Europe 2005 Executive Summit

New EU directive should simplify electronic device manufacturing in Europe

National Cancer Institute reports first phase completion of proteomics platform for early detection of prostate cancer

Medical Care Corporation brings diagnostic technology for Alzheimer's to Japan presents: live heart surgical broadcast of a robotic assisted Mitral valve repair

CTI Mirada wins FDA approval to market its Scenium PET scan analysis software

Cash flow seen as key for Baxter International

Boston Scientific launches drug-eluting stent system

Bone specialists' hi-tech answer to patient care

Applied Biosystems introduces the 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System

Kodak to purchase OREX, supplier of computed radiography products for specialty markets

Roche's AmpliChip CYP450 test receives FDA clearance


Nexense develops advanced biosensor platform

Siemens introduces first 3 Tesla magnetic resonance system with Tim technology

FDA approves pre-market application for Siemens mammography system

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