Siemens introduces first 3 Tesla magnetic resonance system with Tim technology

1 December 2004

Chicago. Siemens Medical Solutions today announced the MAGNETOM Trio™, the first system capable of 3 Tesla (3T) whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), will be available with Tim™ (Total imaging matrix) technology*. Demonstrating Siemens effective integration of innovative medical technologies, Trio joins Siemens growing range of Tim products that will be showcased in the Siemens booth (# 2729) at the 90th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) from Nov. 29 through Dec. 3 in Chicago.

“Since its introduction, Tim has redefined how medical professionals and patients alike think of MRI,” said Nancy Gillen, vice president, MR Division, Siemens Medical Solutions. “As represented with Tim’s availability with the MAGNETOM Trio, Siemens is continually first to introduce the newest innovations in improved disease identification, diagnosis and treatment planning.”

Tim is the first seamless, whole body surface coil design that combines up to 76 seamlessly integrated coil elements with up to 32 RF Channels, opening the door to the most advanced clinical applications available today. With the inclusion of Tim, the MAGNETOM Trio is capable of significantly improving workflow by virtually eliminating the need for patient repositioning and manual coil changes, while providing potentially enhanced image quality.

Tim’s surface coil design enables flexible coil combination for large anatomical coverage up to 182 cm (6’0”), while other systems require the radiologist to change coils and reposition the patient three times for a whole body MRI procedure. As a result of Tim, image quality is increased by up to 100 percent higher signal-to-noise ratio** (SNR), and acquisition times are shortened.

Suited for clinical or research MRI of all organs and all body regions, the MAGNETOM Trio opens new doors to applications, including abdominal, cardiac, spine, whole-body and orthopedic MRI at 3T. Combined with 3Tcare and iPAT, MAGNETOM Trio is the first generation of 3T whole-body machines that addresses potential challenges common with other 3T systems, but without image quality compromises. Equipped with Siemens’ syngo® user interface, the Trio is compatible with other MRI systems, diagnostic modalities and hospital information systems, giving healthcare professionals comprehensive background and details of a patient’s condition.

Tim’s World of MRI at RSNA 2004
Throughout the past year, healthcare issues such as patient safety, staffing shortages, cost and quality of care have been top of mind for politicians, leaders in the industry, and consumers. Siemens takes these issues seriously, and at this year’s RSNA, will focus on the transformation of healthcare, made possible through the company’s commitment to innovation in medical devices and information technologies (IT). Tim represents one of these innovations that is changing the face of how MRI is perceived and practiced.

The MAGNETOM Trio joins Siemens constantly growing line of Tim products, which are being showcased at RSNA 2004, including the MAGNETOM Espree™, the world’s only Open Bore 1.5 Tesla MR system, and the MAGNETOM Avanto™, the first 1.5 Tesla MR system to incorporate Tim technology.

The Espree offers more room than the traditional MRI, with a bore opening of 70 cm (nearly 2.3 feet) in diameter, and is capable of capturing high-field quality diagnostic images, redefining “open MRI”. This makes it the only system to adequately address issues related to obesity, claustrophobia, elderly and pediatric patients, while capturing high-field quality diagnostic images. The Avanto was the first MRI scanner to incorporate Tim technology, offering many advantages over other systems, such as 97 percent acoustic noise reduction, without compromising image quality. The system also provides the most comprehensive and advanced application range available today including seamless metastasis evaluation, whole CNS imaging and visualization of vascular diseases. Both systems offer less stressful procedures due to shorter scan times and feet-first exams.

Siemens MRI technologies are supported by the company’s Service Organization and Accessories Solutions group to ensure that customers get the most out of the technology, thus maximizing return on investment.

Focused on proactive, preventive service to help customers stay up and running so they can take better care of their patients, Siemens Service Organization promotes proactive maintenance, maximum uptime and increased profitability and usability of its customers’ systems, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of offerings to meet the exact needs of large hospitals, community hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers.

Siemens Accessories Solutions group complements the company’s complete solutions for diagnostics and therapy, with competitive pricing and the ease of acquisition from a single source. Accessories include CR systems, documentation systems, injectors, quality assurance products, positioning devices and table related accessories, special furniture and much more.

Source: Siemens Medical Solutions

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*The MAGNETOM Trio with Tim technology is work in progress and is not commercially available in the U.S.
** Results may vary. Data on file.


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