Siemens launch new lithotripsy system: Lithoskop, a multifunctional lithotripter for almost any urological application

28 January 2005

Siemens Medical Solutions will launch its new multifunctional lithotripsy system Lithoskop at the congress of EAU (European Association of Urology) from 16th till 19th March 2005 in Istanbul. The new system with intuitive patient data management is a symbiosis of a lithotripter and  urological table. Lithoskop covers applications such as lithotripsy, endourology, urodiagnostics, percutaneous interventions, orthopaedics as well as pain therapy. A flexible shock wave head makes patient repositioning a story of the past.

With Pulso, Lithoskop provides a new and efficient shock wave system with a very high life cycle. A penetration depth of 16 centimetre makes Lithoskop well suited even for obese patients. Almost all stones can be disintegrated in only one session. The powerful generator and image intensifier from Siemens provide reliable image quality.

The shockwave head is mounted on an isocentric C-arm and can be moved from the under-left or under-right position to the overhead table position by pressing only a single button. Thus, left and right kidney, bladder as well as the urethra can be treated without having to move or reposition your patient. Together with the free table access, this brings enormous advantages to safety, workflow and room planning for the individual hospitals. Anesthesia always remains at one side of the table. Even when changing from endoscopy to lithotripsy, the patient has not to be moved and always lies comfortably on his back.

The system offers stones localization with inline X-ray as well as inline ultrasound imaging with the optionally available Siemens ultrasound system Sonoline G50. Lithoskop`s high-performance X-ray generator and powerful image intensifier with 1 K2 matrix from Siemens delivers a reliable image quality for an optimal diagnosis and therapy.  AutoPos, a computer aided 3D-positioning software, automatically moves the patient into the right position for therapy after stone localization.

Lithoskop features LithoReport,  a special optionally available lithotripsy software tool, that allows for a detailed and automatic acquisition of the whole therapeutic process. Lithoskop offers full networking and DICOM as well as MPPS functionality and compatibility.

Holger Schmidt, head of Special Products at Siemens Medical Solutions, said: “With Lithoskop we present a unique solution to improve productivity in urology. The highly efficient shockwave head, its flexible positioning — instead of repositioning the patient, we reposition the shockwave head — the multifunctional use of the system for many urological procedures, the unique imaging system including workflow tools like the LithoReport are all targeted to improve productivity in urology. It is designed to improve the workflow of the urologist.”

Further information can be found at: www.siemens.com/medical 




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