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Medical Care Corporation brings Alzheimer's diagnostic technology to Japan

19 January 2005

Medical Care Corporation (MCC), a provider of technology-based diagnostic tools that enable professionals to detect early-stage memory loss, has announced its expansion into Japan.

Licensing agreements have been finalized with three Japanese healthcare companies, Toyaku Corporation, Saint-Care Corporation, and Millennia Corporation. The rights to commercialize MCC's proprietary technology allow these firms to deliver a comprehensive range of dementia-care services, including: prevention, early detection, accurate diagnosis, and care management.

MCC has chosen each company because of its position to address a specific segment of the Japanese market. Toyaku Corporation is a progressive and rapidly growing healthcare company whose retail pharmacy chains provide an extensive array of prevention and lifestyle counseling services for patients. Saint-Care Corporation, a publicly traded firm, operates the third largest home-healthcare service in Japan. Millennia Corporation is a pioneer in medical data management and objective measurement of treatment efficacy.

They will use MCC technologies to expand existing services into cognitive health with the aim of raising the standard of care in the dementia field.

As life expectancy increases in industrialized nations, the need to cope
with Alzheimer's disease and other diseases related to aging is urgent.
Annual worldwide expenditures for the care of Alzheimer's patients are
approaching $500 billion and will rise sharply in coming years.

While research into new Alzheimer's treatments is essential, MCC enables healthcare providers to identify the disease at an earlier stage, use current treatments more effectively, and keep patients independent longer. Dennis Fortier, Medical Care Corporation's President and CEO said: "The higher average life expectancy in Japan; coupled with a prevention oriented public healthcare system, make Japan an attractive market for Medical Care Corporation's technology." Mr Fortier went on to explain that many patients can be helped
immediately if healthcare providers have the tools to ensure early detection of a problem followed by an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of any underlying medical conditions.

Additional information about the company is available at:
Healthcare providers: www.mccare.com
Patients and caregivers: www.preventad.com


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