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Medweb unveils 3D PACS on a PC

5 December 2005

The Medweb Advanced 3D Web PACS enables many of the features and functions of 3D medical imaging, currently only available on expensive and dedicated advanced 3D workstations, to be used on a standard PC. Medweb unveiled its new picture archiving and communications system (PACS) at the RSNA 2005 conference in Chicago last week.

Using patented techniques, it allows users on a standard PC to take advantage of advanced 3D templating and auto segmenting of image data from the latest crop of spiral CT scanners, in which studies typically exceed 500 images. The tool extends the functionality of 3D templating and sculpting tools to surgeons, oncologists and other physicians in the medical community who require use of the latest imaging technologies.

By comparison, conventional 2D image display workstations are obsolete and tedious to use when evaluating studies originating from the latest 16 and 32 slice CT scanners. Medweb Advanced 3D Web PACS allows the distribution of the same information in a manageable 3D volume that is easy to display and navigate. The solution enables isolation, sculpting, zoom-in and 360-degree rotation of images, as well as MIP, MPR, various measurement and 3D cursor functions alongside conventional 2D image windows. The auto segmentation tools isolate bone, blood vessels, and other organs using either simple template buttons or customizable settings.

For a fraction of the price of a dedicated workstation, the Medweb PACS can be easily integrated into a conventional PACS infrastructure, can act as a standalone PACS, or function as a modality PACS system for the considerably increased demands created by the latest CT technology.

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