Tactile sensing device for documenting clinical breast exams

19 December 2005

California-based Medical Tactile, Inc. (MTI) has announced the start of commercial sales of its first product, the SureTouch Visual Mapping System for electronically documenting clinical breast exam results.

The system has been cleared for commercial sale by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an adjunct device for performing and documenting clinical breast exams.

Based on the company's proprietary tactile sensing technology, the SureTouch System improves the sensitivity, specificity and objectivity of manual breast palpation exams, which are the most accessible first line of defence against breast cancer for most women.

To use the system, the healthcare practitioner simply palpates suspicious breast lesions with the hand-held tactile probe, which employs highly sensitive sensors clinically proven to map lesions as small as 5 mm. The portable SureTouch console creates an electronic record that provides a range of objective information to help recognize suspicious legions and make informed recommendations for follow-up radiological diagnostics such as mammography and ultrasound.

"We are very pleased to begin commercial sales of the first-of-its-kind SureTouch System," said Steve Weiss, Medical Tactile's CEO. "We have worked hard to develop an innovative, cost-effective technology that enables healthcare practitioners to improve early breast cancer diagnostics and save lives."

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