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Definiens launches new image intelligence suite for life science image analysis
The wealth of image information gathered in the various phases of the drug development process can now be integrated across and exchanged within the entire organization. 31 July 2007

Medtronic completes brain implants in trial of deep brain stimulation for epilepsy
Medtronic has completed  implants of its Intercept epilepsy control system in 110 patients as part of its SANTE clinical study of deep brain stimulation (DBS) for the treatment of medically refractory epilepsy. Results are expected in 2008. 30 July 2007

Public need more help in managing their chronic diseases
Eight out of ten adults in the UK would be willing to self-manage a chronic condition, according to a new survey, but many of those who already do fail to manage their condition properly. 30 July 2007

Arkray launches blood glucose monitoring system in US. 27 July 2007

Heart screening project to save athletes from sudden cardiac death
UK charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is launching a campaign to screen all leading athletes as part of a five-year study to understand the causes of sudden cardiac death in young people. 27 July 2007

Iron oxide in water changing colour under a magnetic fieldNew displays possible from colour-changing magnetised liquid
Researchers at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) have discovered that it is possible to change the colour of a liquid consisting of very small particles of iron oxide suspended in water simply by varying the strength of a magnetic field. 25 July 2007

Swedish County Council chooses Sectra mammography system
Värmland County Council in Sweden is expanding its digital mammography service with two Sectra MicroDose Mammography systems. 25 July 2007

Browsing medical images on the iPhoneView medical images on iPhone
Using Heart Imaging Technologies' system, physicians can simply click on a web link on the phone sent via email by one of their colleagues, enter their password, and view medical images. 25 July 2007

Vitamin D deficiency leaves millions at risk of numerous diseases and disorders
Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most commonly unrecognized and easily preventable medical conditions, according to Dr Michael Holick, one of the foremost authorities on vitamin D in the US. 19 July 2007

Boston Scientific to pay out $195 million to settle Guidant product lawsuits.
Boston Scientific Corporation has announced that an agreement has been reached to settle lawsuits from 2005 and 2006 associated with cardiac products manufactured by Guidant Corporation, which it acquired last year. 19 July 2007

MedSy launches anti-stammer device in the UK
The SpeechEasy anti-stammer device is custom made to fit completely within the ear canal and is almost invisible. 19 July 2007

Electron microscope image of a film of plastic nanofibresTransparent nano-fibre film can be designed to conduct electricity, repel dirt, attract oil
A new technique for making a film of tiny plastic fibres with customisable properties could lead to new products as diverse as transparent electronic devices, self-cleaning surfaces and biomedical tools that manipulate strands of DNA. 19 July 2007

Role of environmental factors in Parkinson's disease highlights need for early diagnostic test
Environmental factors cause 95% of cases of Parkinson's disease and its onset can be delayed by antioxidants. This means early identification and treatment with antioxidants could greatly help sufferers by preventing or reducing the damage caused by the disease. 17 July 2007

Photo of the i-Limb hand holding a coinBionic hand breaks touch-control barrier with five powered fingers
Touch Bionics has launched a prosthetic hand with five individually powered fingers. Called the i-LIMB Hand, it has already been successfully fitted to a significant number of patients in the United States and Europe. 17 July 2007  Español  Deutsch

The mummy of HatshepsutCT scans and DNA tests help unveil mystery of long-lost female pharaoh
Computed tomography (CT) scanning and DNA analysis has helped identify a 3,500-year-old mummy as Hatshepsut, one of history's few female pharaohs, whose record was virtually wiped from history. 13 July 2007

Medos Medizintechnik AG to buy Gish Biomedical from CardioTech.
12 July 2007

Electrical device for welding human tissue  approved for surgical use in Russia
Ukranian company International Association Welding (IAW) has adapted welding technology to bond human tissue in surgery. The device has been tested in over 7000 surgical operations in the Ukraine and has now been approved for use in Russia, giving the go-ahead for commercial production. 12 July 2007

Philips and UKE develop computer-aided diagnosis of PET and MRI brain scans
The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and Royal Philips Electronics have developed software for computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) of PET and MRI imaging of the brain to aid the identification of neurodegenerative diseases. 11 July 2007

Ivivi Technologies receives EU approval for electrotherapy devices. 11 July 2007

CARS imaging shows calcium ions may have role in multiple sclerosis
Researchers at Purdue University have discovered that calcium ions could play a crucial role in multiple sclerosis by activating enzymes that degrade the fatty sheath that insulates nerve fibres. 11 July 2007

Siemens advances ultrasound elasticity imaging
Siemens have developed real-time elasticity imaging on the Acuson Antares system. Ultrasound elasticity imaging gives a different image to conventional ultrasound, showing variation in stiffness within the area of the conventional image. 10 July 2007

Japan Lifeline to distribute Sorin cardiac devices in Japan
Sorin has signed a ten-year partnership agreement with Japan Lifeline (JLL), a leading distributor of medical devices in Japan, whereby JLL will distribute Sorin’s cardiac rhythm management devices throughout Japan. 4 July 2007

Molecular vision in collaboration to produce diagnostic device
Geneva. Molecular Vision Ltd, an offshoot from Imperial College, London, has teamed up with Acrongenomics Inc., (OTCBB:AGNM) and design company Pearson Matthews Ltd to develop a point-of-care medical diagnostic device for detecting kidney and cardiac biomarkers. 4 July 2007

WHO launches US$2.15 billion plan to contain extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Stop TB Partnership have called for urgent investment worldwide to boost the ability to contain the threat of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDRTB). They have launched an action plan to help prevent hundreds of thousands of cases of the disease and save up to 134 000 lives. 3 July 2007

Cellestis launches online service for new blood test for TB
Australian medical diagnostics company Cellestis has created a website to provide worldwide information on the availability of its QFT test for TB. 3 July 2007

Boston Scientific to acquire Remon Medical Technologies
Remon develops minute smart devices for implanting in the body that can monitor physiological parameters, stimulate tissues or organs, or activate other devices that deliver drugs and communicate wirelessly. 3 July 2007

Mental stimulation reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease
A five-year study of older people has found that how often old people read a newspaper, play chess, or engage in other mentally stimulating activities is related to risk of developing the disease. 2 July 2007

The SCOUT DS diabetes screening systemNon-invasive diabetes detector unveiled
VeraLight Inc. has introduced an experimental device that uses light-induced fluorescence to detect diabetes-related biomarkers found in skin. 2 July 2007

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