Molecular vision in collaboration to produce diagnostic device

4 July 2007

Geneva. Molecular Vision Ltd, an offshoot from Imperial College, London, has teamed up with Acrongenomics Inc., (OTCBB:AGNM) and design company Pearson Matthews Ltd to develop a point-of-care medical diagnostic device for detecting kidney and cardiac biomarkers.

The prototype device will use proprietary Molecular Vision technology that uses organic light emitters and photodetectors, coupled with microfluidics to detect characteristic chemicals, called biomarkers, in bodily fluids.

The technology, which was first demonstrated in March 2007, uses the optical characteristics of labelled biomarker molecules to identify them using fluorescence, absorption, chemiluminesence or any of the other usual optical detection methods.

Chris Wright, Executive Chairman of Molecular Vision, said, “We are looking forward to working with Pearson Matthews and Acrongenomics on the development of our first commercial product. In combination, the three of us are able to provide innovative technology, product design and access to the market place.”

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