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MedSy launches anti-stammer device in the UK

19 July 2007

Son, The Netherlands. MedSy a distributor for sub-medical products, has launched the SpeechEasy anti-stammer device, in the UK. The device is custom made to fit completely within the ear canal and is almost invisible.

The device works based upon the 'choral-effect' (also known as the echo effect) which means that the wearer hears their own voice with a time delay and a pitch shift. This produces the effect of another person speaking in unison with the stammerer and in most cases will reduce the wearer's stammer significantly. It is very common for individuals with a fairly severe stammer to be able to sing without any hesitation, and this is a similar effect.

Following a successful roll-out in the United States, there are already thousands of users who have benefited from using the device. According to recent research 80% of users are fluent or almost fluent with the device, with the group indicating that the device has had a very positive impact on their well-being, increased self-confidence and improved interaction resulting in better social and professional relationships.

SpeechEasy is supplied via a network of independent specialist hearing centres and is now available at specialist centres in London, Oxford, Ipswich, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Lisburn and Lincoln.

Stammering affects around 1% of the UK adult population — about 459,000 people — and approximately 109,000 children between the ages of 5-16 years. Someone who stammers can experience certain limitations in their life. These can vary from speech anxiety, avoiding social contact, depression and feelings of inferiority.

Stammerers may be offered therapy to try and eliminate it by working with speech and language therapists, or can undertake courses to help themselves. The company advises that SpeechEasy is an aid to reduce stammering, not a cure, and it should be used as a 'tool' to help reduce the stammer.

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