Cellestis launches online service for new blood test for TB

3 July 2007

Australian medical diagnostics company Cellestis has created a website to provide worldwide information on the availability of its QFT test for TB.

Cellestis claims that QFT is the only blood test for the detection of TB infection that is approved in most developed and EU nations, including the USA, Japan, France, UK, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Canada.

It is approved for sale in the European Union, and available in many other countries. It is also recommended by national testing guidelines in many nations, including the USA, UK, France and Japan.

"The widespread use of QuantiFERON-TB Gold, along with the many national guidelines from most major countries indicating its advantages, makes it a consistent international standard," said Dr Tony Radford, CEO of Cellestis.

"A QFT test gives the same accurate result worldwide, regardless of where or by whom the test is run, whereas skin testing results vary enormously due to differences in reagents, doses, test-cut-offs and interpretation. This makes QFT an attractive product for controlling TB internationally, and for testing those whose work or travel takes them cross international borders"

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