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Sensitron and Welch Allyn form alliance to provide patient monitoring
Medical products and solutions provider Welch Allyn has announced a new partnership with Sensitron UK, developers of software solutions for patient monitoring. 29 June 2007

Aloka's ultrasound system available with Olympus gastrovideoscope
Aloka's ProSound Alpha 10 ultrasound system is now compatible with the latest ultrasound gastrovideoscope manufactured by Olympus Medical Systems Corp. 19 June 2007

RFID surgical sponge counting system approved
ClearCount Medical Solutions' SmartSponge System, which uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags attached to surgical sponges, has received US FDA clearance. 19 June 2007

RIS/PACS integration becomes increasingly popular in Europe
The integration of radiology information systems (RIS) with picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) is fast becoming a defining trend in the European RIS market, with sales of RIS systems expected to increase as a result. 19 June 2007

UK businesses unprepared for severe disruption from flu pandemic
Most companies in the UK have inadequate plans to protect their businesses in the event of loss of staff during a flu pandemic even though most recognise they will suffer significant financial loss, according to a recent survey. 18 June 2007

Bacteria place nanoparticles in cells to aid diagnosis or treatment
The natural infection mechanism of bacteria can be used to deliver nanoparticles carrying drugs, DNA or sensors into cells for precise diagnosis or treatment of disease. 18 June 2007

First minimally invasive thoracic surgery using Viking's 3Di Vision System
Viking Systems has announced that the company's 3Di Vision System had been used to perform videothoracoscopic surgery for the first time. Three procedures were performed at the Regional Oncologic Hospital in Vulture, Italy. 15 June 2007

First US hospital to use Gamma Knife Perfexion to treat brain tumours
The Washington Hospital Healthcare System will be the first hospital outside of Europe to treat brain tumour patients using the new incision-free Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion from Swedish company Elekta. 15 June 2007

GE Healthcare donates used medical equipment to International Aid for use in developing countries
GE Healthcare has formed a partnership with International Aid to supply a range of used medical equipment and training of staff.  International Aid will refurbish and distribute the products overseas and will also provide education and product support. 14 June

InSightec receives EU approval for treating bone cancer pain with focused ultrasound
The ExAblate 2000 system, produced by InSightec Ltd., has received the European CE Mark certification for pain palliation of bone metastases. 13 June 2007

First Dräger Award for Intensive Care Medicine bestowed
The European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) has presented the first Dräger Award for Intensive Care Medicine to the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. 13 June 2007

DiaGenic developing blood test for Alzheimer’s disease
Using peripheral blood as an easy-to-collect sample, the test detects a 'gene signature' of the disease. 11 June 2007

Growing Alzheimer’s epidemic could cripple healthcare
The rapidly increasing number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease could cripple healthcare services in the next few decades. In 2006, 26.6m people were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease worldwide and could rise to 100m by 2050. 11 June 2007

GE to supply digital mammography units to Irish breast screening programme
GE Healthcare is supplying 13 full field digital mammography (FFDM) units to BreastCheck in Ireland, part of the Irish National Cancer Screening Service. 7 June 2007 Deutsch Francais

Picis expands customer base in Europe
Picis, Inc., a provider of high-acuity care information systems, has released a summary of European customer expansions and contract signings for the first half of 2007. 7 June 2007

Antwerp radiotherapy centre chooses TomoTherapy cancer treatment system
The new University Radiotherapy Centre of Antwerp has chosen the TomoTherapy Hi·Art treatment system for providing radiation therapy, and the Centre will serve as a European training facility for TomoTherapy. 7 June 2007

GE Healthcare and IntrinsiQ to integrate cancer treatment system with patient records
GE Healthcare and cancer care software supplier IntrinsiQ, LLC are to collaborate to integrate IntrinsiQ's cancer treatment information system with GE's Centricity electronic medical record (EMR) system. 7 June 2007.

Spanish AmIVital project to develop intelligent devices for elderly and disabled
The AmIVital project is a cooperative effort between 17 public and private sector organisations that aims to create a wide range of devices especially designed and adapted to the elderly and to people with disabilities or reduced mobility. 6 June 2007

Invendo demonstrates sedationless colonoscopy
invendo medical GmbH demonstrated a live screening colonoscopy using its sedation-free colonoscope, the invendoscope, in Berlin in May. The device is aimed at the large number of people who avoid colonoscopy because of the discomfort of the examination. 6 June 2007

New device disrupts cancer cell growth with electric fields
A medical device that can specifically target rapidly growing cancer cells with intermediate frequency electrical fields more than doubled the survival rates in  in early trials of patients with a brain tumour, and with virtually no adverse effects. 5 June 2007

Compact ultrasound to boost market to US$5 billion by 2008
The world market for ultrasound imaging equipment will reach US$5bn by 2008 and US$5.7bn by 2010, driven by the miniaturisation of ultrasound equipment and the development of new applications. 5 June 2007

Neurotechnology industry revenues reach $120.5 billion
A survey of the neurotechnology industry has found that total revenues from pharmaceuticals, devices and diagnostics reached $120bn in 2006. 4 June 2007

Boston Scientific launches Spyglass bile duct examination system
SpyGlass is a direct visualization system for single-operator duodenoscope assisted cholangiopancreatoscopy that potentially offers significant procedural and clinical advantages over conventional techniques. 4 June 2007

Software to help disabled children communicate
Software to aid disabled children communicate through computer devices such as PCs, laptops and PDAs, has been developed by a multidisciplinary team at Grenada University (AGR). 3 June 2007

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