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GE Healthcare and IntrinsiQ to integrate cancer treatment system with patient records

7 June 2007

Chicago, USA. GE Healthcare and cancer care software supplier IntrinsiQ, LLC are to collaborate to integrate IntrinsiQ's cancer treatment information system with GE's Centricity electronic medical record (EMR) system.

IntrinsiQ’s IntelliDose software automates the complex process of chemotherapy order entry and minimizes the potential for error by producing legible, complete and electronically checked orders.

Interfacing these capabilities with GE’s Centricity electronic medical record solution will help provide users with information about patients undergoing chemotherapy, including drug administration records and nurse notes.

“Merging yet another key piece of patient data within our Centricity EMR solution demonstrates our commitment to providing comprehensive clinical information systems for our providers and their patients,” said Stephen Gorman, vice president and general manager for GE Healthcare Integrated IT Solutions.

Administration of chemotherapy requires precision and accuracy in a busy clinical setting. According to Bill Wisotzkey, General Manager for IntrinsiQ’s IntelliDose Solutions, IntrinsiQ’s technology can help automate this process while offering tools for error checking —ultimately helping to improve overall patient safety.

Studies have shown that chemotherapy errors can be traced to a variety of issues related to human error, procedural flaws and lack of standardization. “IntelliDose is designed to help automate the administration of chemotherapy using practice-specific standards including automated error checking features that meet the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine report for safe medical practice,” said Wisotzkey.

“Previously chemotherapy treatment was calculated and documented using pen and paper,” said Simeon Schwartz, MD, chief executive officer of Westchester Medical Group. “Not only was this extremely inefficient but more importantly it could lead to potential human error. By interfacing our Centricity EMR system with the Intellidose software, our practice has virtually gone from the Flintstones to the Jetsons in a matter of weeks.”

“We’re thrilled to offer the IntelliDose product suite within one of the industry’s leading EMR systems to help us improve overall patient care,” said Wisotzkey. “Bringing comprehensive patient information to the clinicians’ fingertips along with the IntrinsiQ tools and alerts to assist them in better decision making is how the combination of medicine and information technology will transform today’s healthcare system.”

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