First minimally invasive thoracic surgery using Viking's 3Di Vision System

15 June 2007

San Diego, USA and Vulture, Italy. Viking Systems, Inc. has announced that the company's 3Di Vision System had been used to perform videothoracoscopic surgery for the first time.

Three procedures were performed with the 3D visualization technology at the Regional Oncologic Hospital (CROB) in Rionero in Vulture, PZ, Italy by Dr Cosimo Lequaglie. The procedures were a parietal pleurectomy, a sublobar resection, and a chemical pleurodesis. Each surgery was finished successfully and met with positive reactions from the surgeon and the hospital staff.

Viking's 3Di Vision SystemDr. Lequaglie, Chief of Oncologic and Thoracic Surgery at the hospital explained, "Viking's 3Di Vision System is significant for our practice because it provides a more substantial and effective image than those we traditional obtain via 2D vision systems. The impact 3D has on minimally invasive surgery for benign and malignant diseases is significant because the higher resolution, stereoscopic depth we are now afforded allows the same type of confidence we are usually only allowed during open procedures.''

Viking's 3Di Vision System, as used by Dr. Lequaglie and his staff, also includes an information management solution known as Infomatix, which provides immediate, picture-in-picture access for a surgeon to additional surgical information through voice activation. This critical information can be provided simultaneously with the surgical video via picture-in-picture on the surgeon's Personal Head Display.

Dr. Lequaglie used this feature to simultaneously manage in real time the operating functions that can at times become cumbersome for the surgeon when used individually. He adds, "The ability of the system to provide both a high-definition 3D image and pre-existing medical data into one personal head display finally offers the kind of support a surgeon needs to allow greater precision and speed without being bound to the positioning of the monitors in the room. The result is greater concentration and best posture providing less fatigue during each procedure. For thoracic surgery, these improved results are invaluable.''

Stephen M. Heniges, Viking's Senior Vice-President of Global Marketing & Clinical Development said, "Viking is excited with the results Dr. Lequaglie and his team have achieved through the benefits of our 3D visualization technology. This provides motivation to all minimally invasive thoracic surgeons worldwide. We are confident that as 3D visualization becomes the standard of care for an array of minimally invasive specialties, we will see the same great results and positive feedback we received from the Regional Oncological Hospital (C.R.O.B) in Rionero in Vulture, PZ, Italy.''

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