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October 2007

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October 2007

difference in cortical atrophy between mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's3D MRI imaging highlights brain atrophy in Alzheimer's patients
Researchers at UCLA have used an advanced 3D mapping technique to analyse magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data to highlight the differences in brain atrophy between mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. 30 October

EU delays MRI scanner restrictions
The European Commission has u-turned on a controversial directive which would have restricted the use of MRI scanners. 26 October

Agfa's Orbis installed in Toulouse, France and Lecco, Italy
Agfa HealthCare has announced two European installations of its Orbis hospital information system, at Purpan Hospital in Toulouse and Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedale di Lecco in northern Italy. 22 October

Electronic health card pilot launched in Bulgaria
The pilot involving seven physicians, four pharmacies and 1,000 patients was launched earlier this month with the issuing of the first electronic prescriptions. 22 October 2007

Philips introduces compact, multi-measurement patient monitors
The Philips IntelliVue MMS X2 is an enhanced multi-measurement module that can be used with any compatible Philips IntelliVue patient monitor. The IntelliVue MP2 patient monitor is a rugged, compact, full-featured patient monitor that offers clinical decision-support tools.  22 October

Reducing the environmental impact of medical technology at Siemens
Siemens Medical Solutions systematically improves the impact of its products and systems on people and the environment. As a result, new computed tomography systems consume 30% less energy, contain 80% less lead and generate up to 58% less radiation than previous systems. 22 October

Sugar biosensor could help diabetics continuously monitor blood glucose
A postgraduate student at Kalmar University in Sweden has designed biosensors that monitor the concentration of sugars in fluids. These sensors could be further developed to monitor blood sugar in diabetics. 17 October 2007

Ultrasound diagnostic tool could improve non-invasive treatment of prostate cancer
HistoScanning, a novel processing technology for ultrasonography could improve the treatment and monitoring of prostate cancer and help avoid unnecessary invasive procedures. 17 October 2007

The bird flu biosensorNew sensor detects bird flu in minutes
A new biosensor developed at the Georgia Tech Research Institute  can detect bird flu in just minutes. The biosensor is economical, field-deployable, sensitive to different viral strains and requires no labels or reagents. 17 October 2007

Heidelberg University students study virtual anatomy
The University in Heidelberg will start a virtual anatomy course for medical students using 3viseon 3D imaging software in order to perform a virtual dissection of different organs in 3D. 16 October 2007

Agfa installs cardiology suite at Belgian Hospital
Agfa HealthCare has completed the installation of its Impax Cardiovascular Suite at the AZ Imelda hospital in Bonheiden, Belgium. The enterprise-wide, cardiology information management system and reporting solution allows physicians to view both cardiology and radiology images and reports. 16 October 2007

Stem Cell Sciences wins EU funding for drug discovery from neural stem cells
Stem Cell Sciences is to lead an EU-funded, multinational drug-screening project, called NEUROscreen, using Stem Cell Sciences’ proprietary neural stem (NS) cell technology. 16 October

Ozone cleaning system answers superbug crisis
A major city hospital in the UK has become the first in the National Health Service to invest in a revolutionary cleaning system that helps reduce the environmental reservoir of resistant organisms such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile. 10 October 2007

Bird flu evolving into human virus
A team of researchers from the US, Japan and Vietnam, has identified that a single change in a protein of the H5N1 avian flu virus that will enable it to infect the respiratory tract — a first step to spreading quickly from person to person. 9 October 2007

Medtronic buys MRI-safe technology for implanted devices from Biophan
Biophan's technologies reduce the normally dangerous heating and induced voltages in wires to safe levels during MRI scans. 9 October

Inverness Medical Innovations acquires Bio-Stat Healthcare Group. 9 October

New release of Materials for Medical Devices Database
The database now has an orthopaedic module to help designers of spinal implants and over 1,600 additional device records in the existing cardiovascular module. 9 October

World ill-prepared to cope with catastrophic impact of flu pandemic
The impact of a flu pandemic is likely to exceed what most corporate and governmental leaders have imagined, or are prepared for, according to a new report. A long-lasting pandemic is not only likely to happen, but overdue. 9 October

New laser method helps detect hidden liquid explosives and disease
A new and powerful technique that can detect hidden liquid explosives through common plastic containers and glass bottles has been demonstrated by scientists from the UK's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. 8 October

The Rosetta mission's mass spectrometerCometary spectrometer targets tuberculosis
A miniature mass spectrometer system, designed for the analysis of samples of a comet on the European Space Agency Rosetta mission is being adapted into a cost-effective, rapid and accurate tool for diagnosing tuberculosis (TB). 8 October

Ultrasound-guided biopsy could save thousands of unnecessary operations for melanoma patients
A less-invasive technique to biopsy lymph nodes using an ultrasound-guided fine needle showed a high success rate in identifying cancer and preventing unnecessary surgery. 6 October

iSOFT launches laboratory reporting application
iSOFT has introduced a new reporting tool for its laboratory information systems from its business intelligence partner FMI Business Solutions Group. 5 October

Dräger releases new software to integrate neonatal monitoring systems
The software enables caregivers to view vital signs, respiration and thermo regulation data from multiple devices together on one screen at the bedside. 5 October

Sony launches high-definition medical monitor
The LMD-2450MD is Sony's first HD1080P model in its healthcare range. Aimed at endoscopic applications, it offers high image clarity and colour accuracy, and incorporates advanced imaging features. 5 October

Philips expands into US home cardiac monitoring market with acquisition of Raytel Cardiac Services
Royal Philips Electronics is to acquire US-based Raytel Cardiac Services and other ancillary operations from SHL Telemedicine Ltd, for approximately US$110 million in cash. 4 October

Air purifier could eliminate MRSA from hospitals says Tri-Air Developments
Tri-Air Developments has developed an air purifier that can kill the MRSA ‘superbug’ and other bacteria and viruses, including H5N1, within minutes. The unit simulates the natural purification properties of fresh air to ensure the continued protection of the hard-to-reach places, such as ceilings, fittings and ventilation ducts. 4 October 2007

Neurosonix wins European cardiac surgery innovation award for ultrasound device
Neurosonix Ltd has received an award from the European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) for its EmBlocker ultrasound device that provides protection against cerebral embolism during heart surgery. 4 October 2007

Medica 2007: endoscopic advances make the unimaginable possible
3 October 2007

Siemens Japan acquires majority stake of Mochida Siemens Medical Systems. 3 October 2007

Hydrogen peroxide spray system controls MRSA and C. difficile in hospitals
Netherlands-based TNO and Infection Control have developed a system using hydrogen peroxide that can effectively disinfect a hospital room in four hours. It can kill resistant forms of bacteria, including MRSA and Clostridium difficile. 3 October 2007

Bionas signs service contract with Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Bionas GmbH, a specialist in in-vitro profiling of cellular metabolic activity, has signed a service contract with German firm Solvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH for the metabolic profiling of obesity drug candidates. 3 October 2007

Siemens introduces pocket ultrasound system for emergency care
A revolutionary new portable ultrasound device from Siemens Medical Systems will support medical staff in the crucial first minutes of an emergency situation. The new system, known as Acuson P10, is a hand-held device intended for complementary initial diagnostic care and triage, particularly in cardiology, emergency care and obstetrics. 2 October 2007

Gene sequencing identifies virus as possible cause of honeybee catastrophe
Researchers at Columbia University, in collaboration with 454 Life Sciences, a Roche company, have identified a virus implicated in the deaths of millions of honeybee colonies using the company's genome sequencer system. 1 October 2007

Mobile phone users show slowed brain activity
Frequent mobile phone use slows brain function, according to a recent study, but they also showed better focused attention. No firm conclusions can be drawn as to whether these effects are to be considered an adverse health effect or not. 1 October 2007

Up to 98% of hepatitis C in Europe goes undiagnosed
A report released today by the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) highlights the significant inconsistencies that exist in hepatitis C (HCV) diagnosis and treatment across Europe and beyond. In recognition of World Hepatitis Awareness Day, patient groups around the globe are united in their call for action. 1 October 2007

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