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Heidelberg University students study virtual anatomy

16 October 2007

The University in Heidelberg will start a virtual anatomy course for medical students in close collaboration with the Radiology Department of the German Cancer Research Centre. 90 students will be using 3viseon 3D imaging software in order to perform a virtual dissection of different organs in 3D. This is done at 45 workstations to support
medical teaching methods on the anatomy of the human body.

“The 3viseon 3D imaging software provides realistic 3D pictures and enables us to teach anatomy courses interactively using any CT or MRI-acquired images," said course leaders Dr Frederik L Giesel of the German Cancer Research Centre, Department of Radiology and Sara Doll of the University of Heidelberg, Department of Anatomy.

Based on this initiative, a new group in Heidelberg called the Virtual Anatomy Group, has been established by these course leaders and Fabian Rengier, medical student at the University of Heidelberg, in order to offer the students a better understanding of the human anatomy with the help of 3viseon 3D imaging software.

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