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Agfa's Orbis installed in Toulouse, France and Lecco, Italy

22 October 2007

Agfa HealthCare has announced two European installations of its Orbis hospital information system (HIS), at Purpan Hospital in Toulouse and Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedale di Lecco in northern Italy.

The new system has gone live at the Digestive Surgery department of Purpan hospital, which is one of the hospitals of the University Hospital Center of Toulouse (CHU or Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse). The Digestive Surgery department specializes in oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, and liver surgery, totalling 1270 operations in 2006.

The University Hospital Centre has 2,791 beds and serves the Midi-Pyrenees Area. All the personnel at the hospital, some 7,000 staff members, are directly involved in the deployment. The go-live of the solution includes the recovery of medical and administrative histories since 2004. As of December of this year, the new HIS will become the central access portal for the hospital's healthcare units.

Professor Franck Boutault, Head of the Medical Information Department and of the Face Plastic Surgery Department at Purpan hospital said: "We have decided to organise the deployment of the Orbis solution in two phases, that will be spread over five years. The first phase, which will last until 2009, will be dedicated to the replacement of the various existing electronic medical records. The second phase will relate to the care record and the electronic prescription."

In Italy, the solution is now live at one of the three hospital facilities of the group, the Manzoni Hospital (Ospedale Manzoni di Lecco), counting 681 beds of the 1,019 total beds of the hospital group.

The first installation phase at the hospital, which started at the beginning of March and has now successfully been brought to an end, was focused on inpatient and day-hospital management. To help streamline the facility's workflow and data management, three Orbis modules (master data and security, ward graphic and order entry and result reporting) have been installed in the General Surgery and General Medicine Departments.

Orbis has been successfully integrated with the hospital's existing IT systems and in particular with the admission, discharge and transfer system (ADT), the Emergency Room solution and the existing Intranet of the hospital.

The personnel of the two departments, counting 200 doctors and nurses, are using the system to assign patients to rooms and beds and to order examinations to the laboratory information system or consultancy visits via the hospital Intranet. All the corresponding reports are transferred to the Orbis Patient Folder. In the second project phase, to be finalized by the year end, the HIS will be extended to include medical documentation (including diagnosis and procedures coding) and nursing documentation (including vital signs).

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