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Agfa installs cardiology suite at Belgian Hospital

16 October 2007

Agfa HealthCare has completed the installation of its Impax Cardiovascular Suite at the AZ Imelda hospital in Bonheiden, Belgium. The enterprise-wide, cardiology information management system and reporting solution allows physicians to view both cardiology and radiology images and reports, enhancing diagnostic confidence.

Patient information on two cardiology image management servers is fully integrated with the hospital's main archive, IMPAX PACS.

"We were looking for an integrated, hospital-wide solution that would independently connect with any modality or enterprise information system, providing us an integrated view of patient data from a single point of access," says Eric Verschueren, Head of the Medical Equipment Department of the AZ Imelda hospital. "Agfa HealthCare was the only independent software provider that could fulfil these criteria," he continues.

Dr Luc Janssens, Head of the Cardiology Department of the AZ Imelda hospital, said "We are very enthusiastic about this solution. The integration of imaging and reporting streamlines the departmental and hospital workflows by consolidating information from cardiology subspecialties and the radiology department.

"Physicians have access to all necessary information at the patient's bedside, which facilitates more informed physician decision-making vis-à-vis therapy and diagnosis. This greatly enhances the service towards the patients."

The Cardiovascular Suite encompasses multiple modalities, including cardiac angiography, cardiac ultrasound, non-invasive vascular ultrasound and cardiac nuclear medicine, as well as non-image data such as measurements and other text-based information, simplifying access to images and reports.

"This improves interaction between the employees of the hospital, as they can now more easily discuss patient data, not only internally but also 'extra muros'. General practitioners and physicians in external hospitals, for example, can also use the system via a single point of access to cardiology and radiology images and reports, which is certainly a plus," said Dr Janssens.

"Furthermore, the integrated IMPAX Cardiovascular solution is a valuable asset for teaching. The system allows for the comparison of medical information and allows us to teach people how to make reports and point out problems, limitations and medical examination possibilities and options," he concluded.

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