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Sony launches high-definition medical monitor

5 October 2007

Sony has brought out a new medical monitor, the LMD-2450MD, aimed at endoscopic applications. It offers high image clarity and colour accuracy, and incorporates a number of advanced imaging features. The 24” monitor is the first HD1080P model in Sony’s healthcare range.

The monitor has a range of flexible set-up options. Multiple display modes — including picture-in-picture or picture-and-picture — provide comprehensive coverage of surgical procedures, and can be used to view both live video and captured images simultaneously.

The Sony LMD-2450MD monitor

To enable precise colour matching between different screens, Sony’s ChromaTru technology eliminates inaccuracies that result from variations in LCD colour levels and adjusts white balance to deliver consistency throughout all grey-scale levels. The medical monitor also incorporates a super-wide aperture (1920 x 1200) WUXGA LCD panel to deliver crisp, high-contrast images.

To suit the medical context and the type of image being monitored, users can choose from 0% to 20% over-scan sizes, and aspect ratios can be set to either 16:9 or 4:3 to match the input signal. In addition, both CRT 2.2 and DICOM-standard gamma curve settings are available.

The monitor can display images from a variety of medical equipment sources, including endoscopes. It accepts a wide range of SD, HD and PC signals, and provides parallel and serial control (including via Ethernet) as standard.

“The LMD-2450MD represents a leap forward in medical imaging technology,” concludes Felip Garcia, European Product Marketing Manager, Sony Europe. “It allows healthcare professionals to view still and moving pictures with high definition clarity and accurate image reproduction — helping them to carry out medical procedures with pinpoint precision.”

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