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Philips introduces compact, multi-measurement patient monitors

22 October 2007

Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) has introduced a new patient monitor and a new multi-measurement module. The Philips IntelliVue MMS X2 is an enhanced multi-measurement module that can be used with any compatible Philips IntelliVue patient monitor. Once detached from the host monitor, it is an independent, battery-operated transport monitor with its own display, alarm function and the ability to store up to 24 hours of patient information.

As soon as it is reconnected to another IntelliVue host monitor, the MMS X2 behaves like a conventional multi-measurement module, with stored patient monitoring data being automatically uploaded into the new monitor without interruption in monitoring. If equipped with wireless networking capability, the MMS X2 can also transmit data directly to an IntelliVue Information Centre, allowing clinicians to have access to a complete, continuous record of patient monitoring data wherever the patient may go—from emergency room to operating room to ICU and recovery.

The MMS X2 is available with up to 12-leads of ECG with multi-lead arrhythmia and ST segment analysis, respiration, SpO2 (choice of advanced technologies) and non-invasive blood pressure, plus a choice between invasive blood pressure and temperature, or mainstream and sidestream EtCO2.

Philips is also introducing the IntelliVue MP2 patient monitor. Based on the same compact design, it is a rugged, compact, full-featured patient monitor that offers clinical decision-support tools such as ST Map and Horizon Trends, and the ability to connect to the IntelliVue Clinical Network.

These features enable clinicians to assess patient information and make confident care decisions. Users outside of the hospital — including government, law enforcement, civilian applications and disaster relief organizations — have expressed a need for a stand-alone monitor that can capture patients’ vital signs while being durable enough to withstand the rigors of use in the field.

The MP2, which is light, compact and can run on batteries, also features a highly-configurable display that can be set up to meet these users’ individual needs.

Both the MP2 and MMS X2 also meet Philips’ rigorous environmental standards in manufacturing and use, making them sustainable products. To be considered to be a “Green Flagship,” a product must first undergo a divisional EcoDesign procedure. Next, the product is investigated in at least three of the five Green Focal Areas. Based on this analysis, the product must be proven to offer at least 10% improved environmental performance in at least one Green Focal Area (weight, hazardous substances, energy, recycling and packaging) compared to a predecessor or competitive product.

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