Houston doctor launches online auction for radiology services

20 November 2008

Telerays is a web-based auction approach to contracting out teleradiology services (electronic transmission of radiological images for interpretation purposes) where facilities that need radiology interpretation services put the work up for bid to be awarded to the lowest bidder.

Telerays founder and president Dr Daniel Roubein's first step was to credential radiologists nationwide. Four weeks after the launch, more than 100 radiologists had registered with Telerays. “We are also registering hospitals and imaging centres and expect some auction activity this year. We will ramp up full scale auctioning during the first quarter of 2009,” said Dr Roubein.

Dr Bill Glenn, a radiologist in Manhattan Beach, CA, was an early supporter of the auction-driven system. “For doctors searching for radiology jobs, Telerays gives a larger portion of the interpretation fee back to the doctor. Most services take up to 50%; Telerays takes 15%. I also have more control over choosing cases, my schedule and my fees,” said Dr Glenn.

To illustrate the process, suppose an imaging centre in Chicago requests interpretation of 200 MRI studies. A radiologist group in Des Moines with the lowest bid wins the contract, downloads each case, interprets, then uploads final reports. Only radiologists with applicable state licenses, pre-approved by the hospitals or imaging centres and fully credentialed with Telerays can bid on the contracts.

Its processes are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and password protected. Expanding on his experience as chairman of a 400-bed hospital radiology department, Dr Roubein has set up the 10-member Telerays Advisory Panel on Quality Improvement. It is composed of private-practice radiologists and full-time academics.

“Our Advisory Panel will use currently accepted radiology standards to continuously improve the quality of care offered by radiologists working with Telerays. The best parameters which govern the practice of medicine apply. We are committed to the care of the patient,” said Dr Roubein.

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