Radiometer adds NT-proBNP and Troponin T to its cardiovascular point-of-care portfolio

November 2008

Radiometer has added assays for NT-proBNP and Troponin T to the panel of cardiovascular markers that can be assessed at the point of care using its new AQT90 FLEX POC immunoassay platform. This follows the company being granted non-exclusive license under patent rights of Roche Diagnostics.

The addition of NT-proBNP and Troponin T further extends a portfolio of tests that already includes Troponin I, CKMB and Myoglobin and allows users to select the markers they need for the rapid diagnosis of congestive heart failure (CHF) and acute myocardial infarction (AMI). The breadth of this panel also means that the AQT90 FLEX can help with risk stratification in patients with CHF and AMI, for the selection of more intensive therapy and interventions in patients with elevated marker levels.

The Radiometer AQT90 FLEX POC immunoassay platformDesigned to take up minimum bench space, the AQT90 FLEX (right) provides laboratory standard results right at the very point of care. Up to 30 blood samples can be analysed per hour, and all the usual steps required for this type of testing have either been completely removed or automated. This reduces the risk of errors and cuts the costs associated with resampling. As the AQT90 FLEX is a closed system, the risk of operator contact with blood and waste has been totally eliminated.

In addition to measuring cardiovascular markers, the AQT90 FLEX can also be used to monitor infection, coagulation and pregnancy markers using a single whole blood sample.

"This agreement with Roche Diagnostics enables Radiometer Medical to offer a wide portfolio of cardiac tests on our newly launched POC immunoassay instrument. Combined with our pipeline of other STAT tests, this puts Radiometer in a very strong position to reach its goal of becoming a company offering a full STAT testing solution" says Peter K├╝rstein, President, Radiometer Medical.

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