Biotronik releases CRT pacemaker with advanced algorithm for RVsense triggering

10 July 2008

Biotronik has released the Stratos LV cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker (CRT-P) incorporating RVsense Triggering which helps assure that resynchronization therapy is delivered continuously.

CRT devices are indicated for certain types of heart failure patients and may improve the pumping action of the heart by helping to synchronize the heart’s lower chambers (the ventricles).

Unlike conventional pacing, which should be delivered only on an as-needed basis, CRT works best when used continuously. Previously, device algorithms were based on the premise that the device should preferentially be on stand-by, creating certain challenges for uninterrupted therapy. Stratos LV now addresses this important topic.

RVsense Triggering helps maintain resynchronization by forcing the pacemaker to pace the left ventricle whenever there is activity in the right ventricle (whether it is a paced event or the heart beats on its own). This assures that there will be no 'one-sided' cardiac activity, and may help to preserve ventricular ejection fraction (a standard measure of the heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently), reduce symptoms of heart failure, and synchronize ventricular intrinsic contraction within 2.5 ms of a sensed or paced event in the right ventricle.

The Stratos LV also offers an expanded wideband IEGM Snapshot memory,  with 10.5 minutes of 3-channel IEGM storage, offering critical information to diagnose or troubleshoot patient conditions. Additionally, Biotronik’s Wideband IEGM Snapshots are some of the most comprehensive diagnostic reports available.

“The heart failure patient population is large and continues to grow as the general population ages. Heart failure patients are diverse and their clinical and personal needs vary from patient to patient. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ therapy. As we learn more about heart failure and about device-based treatment, it is evident that CRT pacemakers remain an important option for certain patient populations. Biotronik is pleased to offer our customers a broad therapy portfolio that includes the latest advances with these pacing devices,” saidd Thomas Brown, Executive Vice President of US Sales and Marketing.

Heart failure is a debilitating syndrome characterized by progressive weakening of the cardiac muscle and is frequently associated with a dyssynchronous contraction pattern of the ventricles (lower chambers of the heart), which can be treated with cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). According to multiple large-scale randomized clinical trials, this device-based treatment may decrease morbidity and mortality in certain heart failure patients.

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