Breakthrough in antimicrobial coatings

19 June 2008

4MED is an innovative hygiene coating developed by Stratford upon Avon-based Nano Hygiene Coatings Limited. The coating combines the benefits of the easy-to-clean properties derived from nano chemical technology with an antimicrobial additive, actively preventing the growth of bacteria such as E Coli and MRSA.

4MED is a transparent coating with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties making the surface non-stick and stain resistant. Fingerprints are less visible and easily removed. Effectively, the surface is easy to clean; dust, dirt and stains can be wiped away.

The durable coating has high corrosion, abrasion and scratch resistance and is only 5-12 microns thick. The ultra thin, glossy coating is low maintenance and friendly to the environment; aggressive cleaning chemicals are not required.

Allen Chasteauneuf, managing director of Nano Hygiene Coatings, explains, “4MED is the result of an intensive development and testing program. The coating has proven to be effective on a variety of metal and ceramic substrates.” It has been tested using realistic exposure scenarios by an independent laboratory using a series of innovative approaches based upon the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 2801: 2000.

Using a suspension of E Coli in water, simulating a splash of contaminated water, the sample was tested at various time intervals to determine how fast the coating destroyed the bacteria. The test was repeated after artificially ageing the test samples by 120 dishwash cycles. Under such real-life test conditions 4MED has demonstrated excellent performance with kill rates of 99.9% in three hours and a reduction to below the limit of detection in six hours.

Tests have also been conducted to simulate a splash by a contaminated heavy soil / body fluid. The sample used in this test was a mixture of vegetable oil and bovine albumin serum contaminated with E Coli. A reduction in the growth of the bacterial population of 99.5% was achieved within 24 hours.

4MED inhibits the growth of biofilm, moulds and fungus and is effective on a range of micro-organisms, including those that cause, odours, stains and discolouration.

“Under such real life test conditions 4MED has demonstrated excellent performance. Effective cleaning is critical for a good hygiene strategy and 4MED has an important role to play by making the cleaning job easier and safer, promoting a cleaner environment.”

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