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Heidelberg clinic first in Germany to offer TomoTherapy radiotherapy treatment

22 August 2006

Madiaon, Wis. USA. TomoTherapy Incorporated has announced that the University Clinic Heidelberg is the first German institution to treat cancer patients with the TomoTherapy Hi-Art System.

"The University Clinic Heidelberg is very proud to be the first centre in Germany which can offer the new TomoTherapy treatment to its patients," said Prof. Dr. Jurgen Debus, Medical Director of the Clinic's Department of Radiooncology and Radiation Therapy. "It is a perfect addition to our concept in Heidelberg, which ranges from IMRT, stereotaxy and radiosurgery to proton and heavy ion treatments.

"The novel combination of CT and linear accelerator technology brings new possibilities to improve the precision of radiation therapy and allows us to treat cases which have been very difficult to treat with standard linear accelerators."

Dr. Gabriele Sroka-Perez, Head of Medical Physics for the Department, explained, "It was a challenge for our team to install and commission the first TomoTherapy Hi-Art System in Germany. The innovative technology used in the System required new approaches for the commissioning and approval process. Our expectations for the performance and stability of the TomoTherapy System were more than fulfilled."

Dr. Fred Robertson, CEO of TomoTherapy Inc. said, "We are pleased to share this milestone with the University Clinic Heidelberg, and with patients throughout the region. We look forward to the coming months, when we'll install four more Hi-Art Systems in Germany."

Additional German sites to receive TomoTherapy Hi-Art Systems include Charite Berlin, the University Clinic Essen, the Clinic of the Technical University Munich Rechts der Isar and the University Clinic Hamburg.

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