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Tunstall awarded funding to develop advanced telecare solutions for the home

23 August 2006

Whitley Bridge, Yorkshire, UK. Tunstall, a leading provider of telecare solutions, has been awarded funding from Yorkshire Forward's Industrial Research and Development Award (IRDA) for Large Companies scheme.

The company will invest the £615,000 award in ongoing development of advanced telecare solutions, known as Lifestyle Reassurance. These help to deliver highly personalised care services to older and vulnerable people by helping to build up individual lifestyle patterns which can then be used by care and medical professionals to monitor lifestyles and detect potential changes which may be indicative of deteriorating personal health or social condition.

Steve Sadler, Chief Technology Officer at Tunstall said: "The use of telecare and telehealth solutions is growing rapidly across Europe, and as the telecare market leader, Tunstall is committed to developing next-generation solutions to further improve care provision and quality of life and reduce healthcare costs. This award from Yorkshire Forward will help to generate greater benefits for service users and their carers".

Jim Farmery, Head of Innovation at Yorkshire Forward commented: "Innovation is vital to success and growth for companies in the region. Tunstall's research into new solutions for personal health and care addresses critical issues that will be faced by every developed country in the next 20 years, and we are delighted to be able to support further development in this important sector."

MIDAS II Lifestyle Reassurance Solutions from Tunstall are already being used to build a pattern of a person's daily activity, in order to detect changes that impact on a user's ability to support themselves. For example, electrical usage sensors can monitor how often the kettle is boiled contributing to indications of nutrition, and movement sensors detect levels of activity hence mobility within the home. Carers can review this data and if a deviation from the norm is detected, the cause can be investigated and preventative action taken.

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