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SUSE Linux software selected by Siemens for advanced MRI Technology

30 August 2006

San Francisco, USA. Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) and Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR) have announced that Siemens Medical Solutions  has selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time operating system and NightStar application development tools to improve processing performance of their ultra-high-field MAGNETOM magnetic resolution imaging (MRI) products.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time is built on top of the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 platform from Novell, and it has been extended with real-time computing capabilities from Concurrent. As a result, customers have an integrated solution with guaranteed performance in time-critical environments. Concurrent and Novell jointly sell and support the product.

"Higher resolution, ultra-high-field MRI technology is the future of healthcare, enabling safer and clearer pictures of life functions that empower medical professionals to make better-informed decisions on patient care," said Jurgen Gut of Siemens Medical Solutions in Germany. "SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time and Concurrent's NightStar tools enable Siemens to dramatically expand the processing capabilities of our measurement operating systems, without a costly overhaul of the technology."

Siemens selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time because its processor shielding and real-time features are the only way to ensure proper deterministic real-time behaviour on Linux while not having to use a separate real-time API. In addition, Concurrent's NightStar toolset facilitates diagnosing and tuning of the complex software in Siemens' existing SUSE Linux Enterprise environment.

Roger Levy, Novell vice president and general manager of Open Platform Solutions, said, "Siemens Medical Solutions is a leading global vendor of mission-critical healthcare technology. Their MRI technology simply cannot go down, and the operating system must deliver top-notch performance to ensure quality image resolution. SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time is the perfect solution for Siemens, because only SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time guarantees performance in time-critical environments."

"The advancement of MRI technology is imperative to safe, precise patient care because it shows details which cannot be seen with other imaging techniques," said Concurrent's COO Warren Neuburger.

Siemens Medical Solutions is one of the first customers for SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time. Novell and Concurrent expect to announce general availability of the solution in September 2006.


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