Elekta wins order for 3-D brain mapping MEG technology from Max Planck Institute

16 Oct 2006

Stockholm, Sweden. The Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science (MPI CBS) in Leipzig, Germany has ordered a Neuromag system from Swedish company Elekta (STO:EKTAB). The Elekta Neuromag uses magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology to map the brain.

MPI CBS will upgrade its facilities and replace its current MEG equipment with the Neuromag system. Neurosurgeons, neurologists and psychiatrists will be able to non-invasively register nerve cell activity in the brain in real time, better and more accurate than before.

Improvements are further enhanced by the innovative MaxFilter software that filters all magnetic interferences and artifacts, both internal and external, and provides an analysis with more reliable data. MEG technology is for many reasons regarded as the most efficient method for tracking brain activity in real-time.

Compared to EEG, MEG has unique sensitivity capabilities. MEG also offers functional mapping information and measurement of brain activity in real time, unlike Computer Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI and fMRI) which only provide structural, anatomical and metabolic information. As an important complement to these technologies, MEG increases the ability to understand brain activity and to improve treatment of functional disorders in the brain.

The MPI CBS, a research institute of the world famous Max-Planck Gesellschaft, is performing fundamental research revolving around human cognitive abilities and cerebral processes. Ongoing research look into the perception of language, music, actions and their outcome, the planning and generation of language and activity, and the interaction between, and common functional principles of, generation and perception in various cognitive fields.

“Elekta is and has always been dedicated to fighting serious disease and we can see a great untapped potential in MEG. MEG is already a proven technology with great value in brain research. Currently we see much exciting development going on in the field of clinical applications and Elekta is fully committed to leading this development and bring its possibilities into clinical use, benefiting patients all over the world,” says Tomas Puusepp, President and CEO of Elekta. “As the only MEG vendor on the market with the financial stability needed to be committed to the long-term development of MEG technology, we are alone in being able to offer long-term relationships and ensure future development of the platform and its applications, thereby securing the customers' investment.”

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