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Philips introduces non-invasive foetal monitor for triplets

27 October 2006

Andover, Mass. USA. The increasing number of high-risk pregnancies with multiple foetuses has led Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) to develop the triplet-monitoring functionality for its industry-leading line of obstetrical care foetal and maternal monitors. Philips says that the Avalon FM20 antepartum and Avalon FM30 intrapartum monitors that it has introduced to market are the first devices to enable non-invasive triplet monitoring with a single device.

“With the worldwide increase in the birth rate for triplets, we’re pleased to pioneer non-invasive triplets monitoring in a single monitor,” said David Russell, vice president of global marketing, patient monitoring, for Philips Medical Systems.

High-risk pregnancies with multiples require vigilant obstetrical care. Their incidence is rising due to older mothers and the use of fertility therapies. In the last two decades the number of higher order multiples births (triplets or more) in the U.S. has increased substantially, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Built on Philips industry-leading IntelliVue patient monitoring platform, Avalon FM20 antepartum monitors and Avalon FM30 intrapartum monitors use three channels of high-quality ultrasound tracing and check coincidence between the heart rates of the mother and all foetuses to help ensure each foetus is being monitored. The monitor displays the three foetal heart rates, along with the mother’s heart rate, on a colour touchscreen.

Two features help clinicians sort out multiple foetal heart traces.  Trace Separation allows users to stack multiple traces along the vertical scale, which adjusts to ensure the traces can be read clearly. Users can also assign a different line thickness to each foetal heart rate trace.

The Transducer Finder feature identifies which transducer is monitoring each heart rate. When a user selects any foetal heart rate on the monitor display, the corresponding transducer lights up.

Both Avalon FM20 and FM30 track maternal blood pressure, pulse and uterine activity. The Avalon FM30 also monitors maternal SpO2 and ECG. It covers patients from the onset of contractions through the final stages of delivery with its full set of external and internal fetal parameters, such as ultrasound and direct foetal heart rate, toco and intrauterine pressure.

Data from the monitors can be automatically transmitted to the Philips OB TraceVue obstetrical information system for comprehensive information management across the obstetrical care continuum, from the beginning of pregnancy through postpartum visits, as well as across multiple pregnancies.

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