Radi Medical Systems sells 1200th RadiAnalyzer patient monitor

29 October 2006

Uppsala, Sweden. Radi Medical Systems AB, has announced the sale of the 1200th unit of its Radi AnalyzerXpress, which was sold to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

The RadiAnalyzer Xpress is part of a complete system used for physiological lesion assessment using fractional flow reserve (FFR) which is used to determine the functional degree and location of stenosis when angiographic assessment is inconclusive for determining which lesion is causing a patients ischemia in multi-vessel disease cases.

“RadiAnalyzerXpress for FFR measurement is the premier technology that combines ease of use, reproducibility and reliability to correlate coronary anatomy and physiology” said Dr. Xavier E. Prida. “Additionally, it produces a correlation to outcomes in a wide range of lesion subsets.”

St. Joseph’s Cath-Lab Manager, Paula Slusher, stated that they were very satisfied with their final selection. “We are pleased to have sold our 1200th unit of the RadiAnalyzer Xpress at St. Joseph’s Hospital. This milestone signifies Radi’s deep and continuous support of FFR technology and measurements to determine appropriate patient treatment and improve patient care” said Jim Archetto, COO, Radi Medical Systems Inc.

Radi Medical Systems is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden and has subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, BeNeLux, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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