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InforSense launches clinical decision support solution

28 February 2007

London, UK & Cambridge, Mass, USA. InforSense Ltd, a provider of embedded enterprise analytics, has launched clinical decision support software InforSense HealthSense.

InforSense collaborated with the Windber Research Institute (WRI) to create a workflow-based decision-support solution that enables clinicians to easily browse and dynamically drill down into large patient data sets to identify key risk factors for better decision-making in patient care.

HealthSense is currently in production use at WRI and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where it is used in support of the breast cancer research program.

HealthSense, an extension of the InforSense KDE integrative analytics platform, is optimized for clinical data management and analysis, allowing study both at the population and individual patient level. The platform supports relevant clinical data types, and offers an extensive range of analytic methods and intuitive viewers that target the needs of those involved in clinical research. In addition, HealthSense provides a way to intuitively deliver this knowledge to the physician to support treatment decisions.

“It is increasingly recognized by clinicians that leveraging the wealth of information coming from clinical practice, including clinical research, can support better decision-making in patient care,” said Dr. Michael Liebman, Director of the Windber Research Institute. “We are proud of the results of our collaboration with InforSense in producing HealthSense, which provides the needed efficient analysis and interpretation of healthcare data.”

“InforSense HealthSense is a natural extension of our KDE platform, which is a key technology supporting Life Sciences Research globally,” said Dr. Jonathan Sheldon, Chief Scientific Officer of InforSense. “We have now partnered with WRI to release the first analytics platform that supports the entire R&D process from biological target to marketable drug.”

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