Diagnostic imaging

Dental x-rays made obsolete

5 November 2007

IDMoS plc (AIM: IDO) has launched its CarieScan caries detection device and CarieScan Plus caries management support system that use a novel technique to detect tooth decay.

The CarieScan has the capability to detect tooth decay with higher levels of accuracy and certainty than existing techniques and without the safety risks associated with the repeated use of x-rays. A sensor on a small, handheld diagnostic device measures the loss of minerals that indicates the onset of decay and provides immediate results.

Early stage detection enables dentists to be able to reverse tooth decay with preventive care products which should then reduce the need for fillings. A benefit of greater accuracy is that where fillings are required that they may be planned with greater precision.

CarieScan was developed by internationally recognised dental and clinical diagnostics experts Professor Nigel Pitts and Dr Chris Longbottom and is based on AC impedance spectroscopy.

The Dundee, Scotland-based company has received its first order and in September Denplan Limited agreed to promote IDMoS's CarieScan products to their network of 6,500 UK dental practices, representing over 70% of the UK dental plan market.

The company is now developing the system to include a 3D imaging capability and has started applying the technology to broader medical applications, including lesion detection and oncology imaging.

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