Diagnostic imaging

Through-wave ultrasound for image-guided breast biopsy

29 November 2007

Advanced Imaging Technologies has announced that its ARIA ultrasound breast imaging system is now equipped for image-guided biopsy.

The system uses real-time through-wave ultrasound imaging that uses the diffractive properties of sound combined with holography (HU) to create highly-detailed, three-dimensional images of breast tissue, 

The automated system has been clinically proven to provide superior views of the breast tissue, especially dense tissue, while delivering better data for enhanced diagnostic decision-making. Until now, women with dense breast tissue have had few options, as mammography is ineffective for dense tissue. This is significant given the link between tissue density and breast cancer (1). 

The Aria system effectively penetrates dense tissue, is automated with whole-breast presentation capabilities and provides high spatial and contrast resolution. In addition, the system allows for retrieval of prior comparative studies for quick cross-correlation with known landmarks for year to year comparison.

"Our technology has proven to have superior spatial and contrast resolution, especially in dense tissue," said Dr Jeanette Griscavage-Ennis, Manager, Clinical Applications. "The data we capture is saturated with critical information that is important for diagnostic procedures such as biopsy. Our real-time image-guidance capabilities provide physicians with precision for improved biopsy accuracy."


1. Boyd et al. Mammographic Density and the Risk and Detection of Breast Cancer. New England Journal of Medicine 356:227-36, January 18, 2007. http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/short/356/3/227


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