Smiths Medical wins $3m syringe pump contract with Massachusetts General Hospital

6 April 2006

The Medfusion 3500 syringe pumpSmiths Medical has announced it has won a $3.4 million contract with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for 1,365 Medfusion 3500 syringe pumps. The syringe pumps with PharmGuard Medication Safety Software are the most recent innovation in Smiths Medical’s infusion technology.

This infusion system incorporates specific configuration profiles, a drug library composed of more than 4,000 entries, over 100 dosing units and safety dose limits on all infusion parameters to help reduce medication errors that may otherwise occur.

The smart pump’s rapid occlusion detection technology with FlowSentry offers a comprehensive array of pressure-related safety features. It has graphic display of pressure trend that allows for earlier clinical intervention. The pump imports and exports data and protocols and may be adapted and customized to interface with the bedside environment. Its PharmGuard safety reports provide valuable information required for improved processes and medication delivery practices in the critical care environment.

“This contract presents a great opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of Medfusion 3500’s safety technology and data integration systems” said John Bond, Global Director of Marketing for Safety Infusion Systems at Smiths Medical.  

“The use of Medfusion 3500 Syringe Pumps in the adult and paediatric departments of such a remarkable institution further enhances Smiths Medical’s presence and reputation in critical care environments across the United States.”

Ellen Kinnealy, RN, of MGH Biomedical Engineering, said: "The use of smart pumps, which contain vital information about specific  medications, has enabled the hospital to make significant advancements in the capability and safety of intravenous drug infusion systems. This technology is an important way to prevent errors and enhance clinical care."  

Massachusetts General Hospital is a world-renowned, 898-bed hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts.  Founded in 1811, it is the oldest and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

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