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First installation of Draeger's Zeus anaesthesia system in UK

4 April 2006

London, UK. Draeger Medical UK Limited has installed its first Zeus anaesthesia system at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The Zeus anaesthesia systemThe Zeus system will be used in the liver transplant theatre to replace the existing set-up and provide integrated patient monitoring and automatic record keeping. Freeman Hospital is one of five centres in the UK that provides a liver transplant service.

Zeus integrates all acute forms of anaesthesia applications, patient monitoring, and documentation. In addition to the manual control of fresh gas dosage, Zeus also allows for automatic control of oxygen and volatile anaesthetics. Additionally, intravenous applications can be controlled through the same operating concept. Zeus incorporates the Infinity Patient Monitoring System, and includes the capability to access web-based anaesthesia record keeping and patient data management systems).

Dr Digby Roberts, Clinical Director for Perioperative and Critical Care Services and Consultant Anaesthetist for the Liver Transplant programme, commissioned the Zeus anaesthesia system, along with nine Dräger Primus anaesthesia machines in other theatres. “I was looking for one integrated package and felt that Zeus addressed all my requirements: it pulled together monitoring, ventilation and anaesthesia. There is not a package available that I am aware of that integrates monitoring, and ventilation, nor one that delivers ventilation in the way it does, nor one that allows you to control the ventilatory climate the way it does, it is unique”, he said.

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